How Apple's presentation ended: an iPhone with four cameras and a lot of jokes

There are several interesting innovations, and not all of them are associated with new product features. Apple is gradually changing the focus of attention in the model line of its smartphones. If before there was a “base” numbering model (iPhone 8, for example), and already around it improved and cheaper versions appeared, now everything is a little different. Simple iPhone 11 combines with Pro and Pro Max only the hardware platform, which is described below. The screen, cameras and equipment with additional functions are much poorer - in fact, the eleventh numbering iPhone is the heir to the Xr model, not the X. The attitude towards the platform for broadcasting the presentation has also changed: now this is the video hosting of the main competitor - YouTube, and not its own site.

Contrary to expectations, the new smartphones did not receive stylus support, but a normal power supply of at least 18 watts will finally be supplied with older models. IPhone does not support more charging power, nor can it share it with Qi wireless technology. For a long time it was assumed that this functionality will appear, but no. Significant improvements were made to cameras: advanced night mode, shooting 4K-video at 60 frames per second and slow-motion selfie videos. Now you can record a video from two cameras at the same time, but you need to pay another $ 15 for an application that supports this function. To increase the clarity of images, the software analyzes frames not only from the selected lens, but also from the rest.

The heart of the updated iPhone was the high-performance Apple A13 Bionic chip, but it wasn’t enough for tablets. The upgraded iPad will continue to be manufactured with the A12 as the central processor. Smart watches have also undergone changes - from now on they can work as much, but at the same time constantly display the dial. Among other things, they added the function of calling an ambulance with the press of just one button, which will work in 150 countries. Together with gadgets, Apple again introduced a number of online services for its customers. Arcade will allow you to enjoy a variety of games from the screens of any "apple" devices, and TV + will become a full-fledged analog of Netflix, only free in the first year after buying a smartphone or computer. This time, several fragments of the show and gameplay of the games were demonstrated at the event.

A phone with a spinner from cameras

Or maybe the designers drew inspiration from the Monster Corporation?

Or spent too much time with an electric razor?

More cameras to the throne of cameras!

Maybe it's even cute

The similarity of the camera panel with the stove is obvious. And if you translate the name of Tim Cook (Cook - to cook), then puns are inevitable

The aliens from Tsypy Chicken, it turns out, were indeed the harbingers of the future.

Arachnophobes better pass by

So why are there three cameras - one for the FBI, another for the CIA, and another from the NSA.

Although nothing radically new Apple was shown at the event, but according to tradition, the company's presentation gave rise to a lot of jokes. Thousands of images and collages appeared on the net almost immediately, which somehow beat the changing design of the iPhone. Moreover, many did not believe that the front of the smartphone would change and until the last did not recognize the photos merged before the official announcement, the “bang” became too small.


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