Autophagy: how not to grow old, devouring oneself

It turns out that it’s not entirely what you eat. The fact is that he eats you. Neuroscientists from Atlantic University of Florida using a small worm C. elegans for the first time demonstrated how autophagy is the process of getting rid of debris when cells "eat" those residues that they produced through metabolism, along with the absorption of food through the gastrointestinal tract, together with olfactory neurons affect the aging process, subject to dietary restrictions.

Leap of Faith in Real Life: The Stuntman's Crazy Trick

The Leap of Faith, which has become the hallmark of the Assassin's Creed series of games, is a situation in which a protagonist jumps from a great height into a haystack, miraculously surviving. Of course, this contradicts all the laws of physics, but we will attribute this to the incredible dexterity and luck of the assassins from Alamut

T-34: Mythic Tank or Tank Age

The interest in the Victory tank was fueled by Alexei Sidorov's T-34 film, which had already collected more than two billion rubles in Russian box office. And in the middle of the month, as during the Great Patriotic War, a train with former Laotian “thirty-fours” proceeded from east to west of the country, which also caused a surge of interest in the tank. Wh

"Holographic smartphone" Red Hydrogen One: new photos

Fcc In early August, the head of the company Red, specializing in the production of movie cameras, Jim Jannard revealed the release date of the smartphone Hydrogen One. It was expected that the device will be released in August, but now the release is scheduled for November 2. True, in this case we are only talking about the aluminum version of Hydrogen One: the titanium, more expensive version, as noted by the head of Red, will not be delivered by operators until 2019

Found songs that are dangerous to listen to while driving

Chinese researchers observed the psychological state of thousands of drivers who listened to songs of various artists and musical directions from pop to rock during the movement. The research methodology was very simple: volunteers were sent for a special car simulator and included 96 of the most famous songs from the Spotify portal

5 amphibious cars you can buy right now

Watercar (Fountain Valley, California, USA). Perhaps the most notable amphibian automobile manufacturer. Being founded in 1999, it made a name for itself in the production of “the fastest amphibian in the world” (in 2010, the Watercar Python was in the Guinness Book of Records). Today, the company makes one model - the Watercar Panther with a Honda engine, the generation of which was updated in 2017. Ma

Katyusha: weapons of the winners

One of the most famous and popular symbols of the weapon of victory of the Soviet Union in World War II is the multiple launch rocket systems BM-8 and BM-13, which are popularly nicknamed "Katyusha". The development of rockets in the USSR was carried out from the beginning of the 1930s, and even then the possibilities of their salvo launch were considered

10 most unusual types of sharks

1. Long-Shark The name speaks for itself - the shark has a huge mouth with thick elastic lips, which is very different from any other shark. In addition, the large-mouthed shark is one of three species of sharks known to science that feed on plankton. It grows up to five meters long and weighs about 1200 kg

New Rubik's Cube Speed ​​Record: Video

The previous record belonged to 15-year-old American Patrick Pons and was 4.69 seconds. Now, however, the record was broken - by Felix Zemdegs - at the Cube For Camodia 2018 event, held May 6 in Melbourne, Australia. The 22-year-old Australian already owned a record for the speed of assembly of the Rubik's Cube - in 2016 - amounting to 4

10 kitchen gadgets in the form of R2D2

So, a small overview of what a single company can come up with on the basis of a single, albeit a very iconic design. Of course, Thinkgeek specializes in all kinds of entertaining things, and they have vast experience. But still, the imagination of the designers is amazing. Coffee machine Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press

The first ever black hole photo taken

Astronomers have received a photograph of a black hole in the center of the Messier 87 galaxy, located 54 million light-years from Earth. They also watched the black hole Sagittarius A *, located in the center of the Milky Way. A black hole is a region of space that has a strong attraction, because of which light cannot leave it

Tan: what is it and how dangerous is it

We look forward to the summer to soak up the sun, and then flaunt our friends and colleagues with a beautiful tan. However, how many people know what natural forces are involved in a pleasant bronze darkening under the sun? Tanning is the body’s response to sunlight, more precisely, a protective reaction to ultraviolet light, the most dangerous part of solar radiation.

Black holes turned bald

Paraphrasing it in a visually understandable form, astrophysicist John Wheeler said half a century ago that black holes have no hair, they are equally bald. Journalists liked this metaphor and since then the hypothesis described above has been called the “No-hair theorem”. Although its essence seems simple and understandable, formal proof by mathematical methods proved to be difficult. Al

Nuclear deja vu: is there a nuclear rocket

Nuclear footprint The problem of the reach of the United States to the USSR, surrounded on all sides by American bases, arose immediately after the end of World War II. American and British strategic nuclear bombers were stationed around not for mythical defense against international terrorists, but specifically for an attack on the Soviet Union

Sony will miss E3 in 2019

Sony As it became known from a statement posted by Game Informer, Sony will not participate in the next E3 show. This will happen for the first time in the 24-year history of the event. (E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is considered the world's largest annual exhibition and show of the video game industry; various companies will present new computer games, game consoles, accessories, etc

Experiments with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, namely, it is the basis of our experience, is a very unstable compound. A substance consisting of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms decomposes into oxygen and water even in the absence of any external stimuli. However, this process is very slow. To significantly accelerate it, just add a small amount of catalyst

The most massive neutron star discovered

BSaxton, NRAO / AUI / NSF Signal from a neutron star, detained by a white dwarf (its passage between a neutron star and the Earth) in an artistic representation. This delay allowed scientists to calculate the mass of the white dwarf, after which they determined the mass of the neutron star It is believed that neutron stars, having gained too much mass, collapse into black holes; however, scientists have not yet determined this density limit - after which the neutron star turns into a black hole - The discovery of a new neutron star, the most massive of the known ones, can help in the search for

16 unusual optical illusions: optical illusion

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The longest limousine in the world: American Dream

It is surprising that, despite the cinematic purpose, the car is a real limousine with all the components. 26 wheels carry the filling in the form of a huge water bed, a small pool and a jacuzzi, a helipad and so on. The base car was the golden Cadillac Eldorado of the mid-1970s, but not much was left of it - in fact, only small details of the exterior

10 facts about space junk

The US Air Force is tracking space debris. Not all, of course - we are talking about objects with a diameter of several centimeters or more. Observation has been going on since the 1980s, and currently about 20 thousand objects over 10 cm and 500 thousand objects less than 10 cm are being tracked in orbit

$ 89,000 stag beetle and 7 very expensive pets

1. Monkey Mona . These primates from distant Africa perfectly adapt to new conditions and get along well with humans. The popularity of Mona Monkeys is also due to their high intelligence. Such a pet will cost you about $ 6, 000. 2. Rainbow toucan - a rare beauty bird that lives in the territory of Latin America

A zombie mushroom turned out to be much more dangerous than scientists thought: an absolute parasite

In Brazilian carpenter ants, the already difficult life is supplemented by a very strange circumstance - they can turn into real zombies. This is due to infection with a parasitic fungus, whose spores germinate in the body of the insect and affect its sympathetic nervous system. Infected with a parasite, the ant leaves the cosiness of its native nest and goes to wander into the thicket of the forest, the conditions of which are more suitable for the mushroom to fully ripen

Dirty bomb: what is it?

However, the first person who visited this idea was not a maniac scientist, not a dictator of a small third world country, and not even a Pentagon general. In 1940, the beginning, but already very promising American science fiction writer Robert Heinlein wrote the story "Useless Decision." The flywheel of the Second World War was already swinging in Europe, and the world, shuddering at the foreboding of the coming war, hastily armed itself; Heinlein was interested in physics, and therefore his creative thought flowed in an obvious direction: what latest methods of homicide can turn in

Bubbling: ships in bottles

Model of the Russian battleship “Glory to Catherine” before “bubbling”. Pay attention to the “pigtail” of rigging in the bowsprit area. Thanks to her, the tackle of a sailboat is pulled inside the bottle like strings The bottom of the case is first placed in the bottle. The body sticks to the stand inside the bottle The most important part - the masts on the deck fold neatly back Jewelery - by millimeter masts with sails squeeze through the neck At this stage, the masts are most often broken. Subsequent

Gambeson: Light Armor of the Middle Ages

The renowned Sheid reenactor responds with great warmth to this practical outfit. The formal doublet is more like civilian clothes Gambeson (from the French. Gambeson or gambaison), he is also an ordinary Russian "quilted" - this is armor clothing made of several layers of dense fabric. This term has quite a few meanings, but for convenience we will adhere to the most traditional

Perfect checker: How to choose

A checker is a weapon with a blade of slight curvature and a hilt with or without a simple guard. Distinctive feature - Caucasian style pendant, blade back Figure 1. The more tangential the impact, the smaller the cross-sectional angle of the blade Figure 2. On the eastern saber (a), the center of gravity is behind the axis passing through the handle

Hot Images: thermal imager for smartphone

A modern thermal imager is designed quite simply: a lens, a thermal imaging matrix and an electronic signal processing unit (due to the specifics of the infrared range, more complex signal processing is needed in thermal imaging cameras than in video cameras). In our version, most of the calculations are performed by a mobile phone, the processor of which is not inferior in power to modern computers

Riding your bike in winter: 5 simple rules from personal experience

1. So slippery! No, not slippery. Exactly as slippery as walking or driving a car. Safety rules are exactly the same, no differences. The fact is that a person walking on ice usually falls either forward or backward when a supporting leg slides (recall that walking is a controlled fall). The bicycle does not have this problem - it can fall only to the side

Shestoper: the most terrible club

Material prepared by Valery Ivanov, infoglaz.ru. As for the Russian early medieval clubs, their study did not go beyond the accumulation of facts. Scientists usually described in detail each individual find. At the same time, it was noticed that in the 10th – 13th centuries / bm9icg ===> maces were a fairly common weapon, especially in the middle Dnieper region.

Gastroenterology is not scary

In fact, medicine is not scary; much worse consequences of inattentive attitude to their health. “Popular Mechanics” and the network of MEDSI clinics talk about what can happen to you in the office of a gastroenterologist, and why you should not be afraid of this. What are we treating? Gastroenterologists are involved in the health of the gastrointestinal tract, an organ system whose health is better monitored than not monitored. Fa