The deepest mines in the world: part 2

Mine "Miner-Glubokaya" - a coal mining company in the city of Shakhtersk, Donetsk region. The main barrel was laid in September 1970, and the mine itself was commissioned in December 1986. Its depth is 1425 meters. The Mponeng Mine is one of the deepest mines in the world, located near Johannesburg, South Africa

Tree "zombies" proved that plants can turn into superorganisms

Environmentalists Sebastian Leisinger and Martin Bader spotted a dead kauri stump (Agathis australis) in one of the New Zealand forests on the North Island, which had one amazing property. Usually, plants need foliage and green stems for life - they provide photosynthesis. But this tree, although it became a stump, was very different from dead trees: juice ran along it

Six handshakes to the queen, or 5 friends to the president

For the first time, the idea that any two people in the world can be connected by a sequence of personal contacts and that this chain in most cases will be composed of a certain number (namely, of five) links was formulated by the Hungarian writer Frédes Кари Carinti. His story, written in 1929, was called “Chain Links”. The sto

How beavers build a dam

In the wild, not the beavers themselves are most noticeable, but their buildings - huts and dams. Beavers are one of the very few animals involved in construction. The purpose of the dams is to keep the water level in a river or stream stable and high enough. Such a reservoir is more convenient for a beaver as an inhabitant of a reservoir, this allows it to go less often to land for food or for other needs

What will happen to a person falling into lava?

Lava flowing in Hawaii has a temperature of over 1700 ° C; it's five times hotter than in an average home oven. By plunging your hand into a melt of this temperature, you will not immediately lose your limb, but you will get serious burns - “Your nerve endings will burn, your body fat will boil away, ” explains David Verby, a chemist at the Volcano Research Center at the US Geological Survey. Whi

Are there races in a biological sense?

People with different skin colors, with a different facial structure, with a different physique had been in contact with each other since ancient times, and even then there were situations when those who had one appearance established dominance over the owners of another. The ramified caste system in India developed from four varnas - the ancient Indian classes of brahmanas, ksatriyas, vaisyas and sudras

10 amazing examples of animal adaptation to new conditions

Basically, adaptation systems relate somehow to the cold, which is quite logical - if you manage to survive with a deep minus, the remaining dangers will not be so terrible. The same, incidentally, applies to extremely high temperatures. Who is able to adapt, most likely will not disappear anywhere. Arctic whites are the largest hares of North America, which for some reason have relatively short ears

Non-circular world: what shape does the earth have and why

Stony objects, which, according to very rough estimates, have at least 600 km in diameter and a mass of at least 0.01% of the mass of our planet, also acquire such a shape. But further details and subtleties begin. First, the rotation of the Earth creates a centrifugal force, and at the equator it is higher than at the poles

Mysterious satellite of Saturn - Titan: new images

NASA / JPL-Caltech / University of Nantes / University of Arizona Titanium is one of the most interesting celestial bodies in the solar system. However, this satellite of Saturn cannot be well seen under ordinary conditions - because of its atmosphere (it is about 400 kilometers thick and includes several layers of hydrocarbon “smog”), it looks like a yellow ball, devoid of any obvious features. Bu

The most poisonous fish in the world

Flickr.com Even with timely medical attention, the victim may have atrophy of the local nerve, sometimes leading to atrophy of adjacent muscle tissue. But despite such poisonousness from stone fish, Japanese and Chinese cooks make sashimi. Wart lives in coral reefs, so it can be found in Thailand, Egypt or Australia

The “dark side” of butterflies: killer butterflies and predator butterflies

Manure and tears: the usual menu. Butterflies not only drink nectar of flowers. The diet of many of them includes such unexpected and repulsive "dishes" as droppings, urine and decaying meat of animals. To get the sodium they need, they drink the tears of reptiles. This is used by scientists in working with butterflies

Russian delicacy: 5 facts about black caviar

The number of myths that arise around any product is inversely related to its presence on the tables (remember the elusive GMOs). And in the case of black caviar, this presence, frankly, is very modest - by the beginning of the 2010s, the legal fishing for sturgeons had fallen dramatically: not two, or even ten, but 200 times

Lamborghini made its first hybrid

Lamborghini In the history of Lamborghini until 2019 there were no mass-produced hybrid cars, but now the legendary brand has become one of the companies producing gas-electric modifications. The first-born among hybrids was the limited-edition Sian supercar, built on the basis of the serial Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Uranus: the strangest planet in the solar system

Who would have thought that even thirty years ago, most scientists considered the solar system a rather boring place (well, maybe, with the exception of Jupiter and Saturn). It seemed that our Earth revolves around the Sun in the company of few remarkable pieces of stone, where there is practically nothing interesting

"PM" is testing the legendary Desert Eagle!

The history of the Desert Eagle (English “Desert Eagle”) dates back to the 80s of the last century. It was then that in the minds of the gunsmiths of the famous company Magnum Research the idea came up to create a self-loading pistol for super-powerful ammunition .357 magnum. Prior to DE, under such powerful ammunition, revolvers were produced for both official activities and hunting. In

Born to fight: the best attack helicopters in the world

The "grandfather" of all modern attack helicopters was the Bell-209, which received the army designation AH-1 Huey Cobra. In 1960, the US Defense Department set the task of creating a specialized “turntable” of fire support: with two crew members (pilot and weapon operator), increased flight speed compared to conventional helicopters, and equipped with machine guns and unguided missiles. Du

Chukavin sniper rifle

Designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947, the legendary machine was tried more than once in 70 years. The most famous attempt was a competition held by the USSR Ministry of Defense in 1978 for the development of an assault rifle with cardinally better performance in accuracy and accuracy of fire. Famous and still unknown designers took part in the competition: who would not want to beat the legendary Kalashnikov

T-50 fighter will destroy any ship

According to Izvestia, a promising fifth-generation Russian fighter T-50, also known as PAK FA, received as an on-board weapon the tactical anti-ship cruise missile X-35UE, which is capable of destroying any naval targets - from a landing boat to an aircraft carrier, as well as ground targets : military equipment, buildings and structures

News of Earth-like planet discovery could be a false alarm

Until recently, Fergal Mulley worked in a team of scientists who are using the Kepler telescope to search for exoplanets. To date, the data collected by the telescope is interpreted as evidence of the existence of more than 2, 600 planets orbiting distant stars. Mülle is now leaving the Kepler team and will soon start working in a private company.

Signs of the XXI century: how the Yandex.Weather service works

Today in the world there are more than 10, 000 weather stations and 1, 500 radars, data are collected from high-altitude atmospheric probes and more than 80 weather satellites operating in orbit. But the main predictors of the weather are our knowledge of the physics of processes taking place in the atmosphere

Investigated the properties of carbine - the most durable material

The band gap of α-carbine varies depending on the magnitude of the mechanical stress. A group of scientists from Rice University (Houston, USA) published the results of a study on the properties of carbine, which is a chain of carbon atoms. The connections between its links can be either double or alternating (triple and single).

Rolls-Royce Sweptail: the most expensive car in the world

By order of a customer whose name is kept secret, Rolls-Royce made an extravagant Sweptail coupe. The British say that in 2013 they were approached by a great connoisseur of exclusive cars, yachts and aircraft, announcing their intention to acquire Rolls-Royce. And, of course, not some consumer goods there, which can easily be found on the street, but made specifically for him, the one and only

Water deer: 7 interesting facts

1. Water deer (Hydropotes inermis) is an amazing animal, the only representative of the genus Water deer. The body length reaches 100 cm, height - 45−55 cm, weight - from 9 to 15 kg. 2. In total, there are seven subspecies of this species , the most common of which is Siberian water deer, and the rarest is Kashmir.

Named the best game of the year. This is not Red Dead Redemption 2

SIE Santa Monica Studio / Sony Interactive Entertainment The Game Awards 2018 was held in Los Angeles, USA, celebrating achievements in the video game industry. As part of the ceremony, winners were announced in many nominations, including the nomination for the best game of 2018. Below you can see the winners in different categories: Game of the Year - God of War Best Director - God of War Best Storytelling - Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Decoration - Return of the Obra Dinn Best Soundtrack - Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Sound Design - Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Indie Game - Celeste Best Acting Gam

Everything you need to know about the Boeing 737

A brief history of this invariably popular workhorse for civil aviation is presented in the video clip of the “Air View” channel. Despite all the problems of the latest generation 737, in 2019 at the air show in Le Bourget with Boeing several solid contracts were signed, including for this model. Ho

Impossible substance discovered

Imagine that you have a mountain of cubes in front of you, and you are going to build something from them, the authors of the study describe their work. - you can collect a lot of different designs, but still their number is limited due to the form of "building materials", because they can only connect with each other in a certain way

How to watch the most powerful starfall from Russia

Every year, from July 17 to August 24, a colorful natural phenomenon can be observed on our planet. Particles of the tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle (109P / Swift-Tuttle), burning in the earth's atmosphere, form a "star rain". Usually, the maximum intensity of a stellar fall reaches precisely August 12–13.

13 best photos of Saturn: anniversary of the Cassini mission

Almost all of the magnificent images of Saturn and its amazing moons - Enceladus, Titan, and Mimas, similar to the "Death Star", were obtained thanks to the Cassini space research apparatus, which has been plowing the expanses of the solar system for 20 years. He left Earth in 1997 and entered the orbit of Saturn 13 years ago, on July 1, 2004

How it all happened: Gulf of Mexico

April 20 was a day of triumph for British Petroleum and Transocean's Deepwater Horizon drilling platform team. A floating drilling platform 80 km off the coast of Louisiana at a point where the water depth was 1.5 km, has almost completed drilling a well that goes 3.6 km below the ocean floor. It was such a difficult task that it was often compared to flying to the moon

The Igorek robot was not Igor

The Kalashnikov concern brought a model of a four-ton bipedal robot to the military-technical forum Army-2018, which is taking place these days in Kubinka near Moscow. According to the general director of the Kalashnikov concern Vladimir Dmitriev, the car is designed to demonstrate "the direction I would like to go