Female orgasm called evolutionary remnant

Scientists have long tried to understand why women experience an orgasm: unlike the male, they did not see any biological justification in it - except, of course, for pleasure. However, now the Americans have found that earlier, an orgasm in women could cause ovulation directly during intercourse. Once orgasms were vital for stimulating ovulation - a mature egg came out of the ovary during intercourse

10 facts: how to survive a shark attack

Sharks are one of the most perfect creatures on our planet. The ancestors of modern sharks appeared about 400 million years ago and successfully survived all natural disasters and competition with other species. Today, sharks are the true owners of the water depths, each meeting with them makes a person doubt his right to be the king of nature

Mozhaisky, Santos Dumont, the Wright brothers: who first invented the plane?

The funny thing is that everyone is right. Each aviation pioneer who worked in the 19th - early 20th centuries introduced something new into the aircraft industry, came up with components and parts that no one had used before. The reason for this was simple: no one really knew which concept would work, which system was actually capable of flying

How Hell Works: A Short Guide

The first round of Dante's hell Second round Third circle Fourth circle Fifth circle (the rest - lower - circles of hell are described below, in the sidebar to the article) Where is he, the afterlife? Some ancient peoples burned the dead: this is a sure sign that the soul should ascend to its new abode in heaven

How Kevlar was invented: material stronger than steel

As a child, Stephanie Kwolek wanted to become a fashion designer: she independently came up with patterns, and when her mother was not at home, she made her way to the sewing machine to sew the next dress for the doll. But in 1946, after graduating from the Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University) with a degree in chemistry, she dreamed of medicine

10 incredibly beautiful tracks

Here are ten of the most beautiful caterpillars on the planet. Butterflies and moths from them will turn out different, but while they are in the larval stage, they have no equal. Who said that those born to crawl are inferior to those who know how to fly? Attacus Atlas. A representative of the peacock-eye family, one of the largest butterflies in the world with a wingspan of up to 24 centimeters

Acupuncture: heals or cripples?

Acupuncture is one of the key areas in traditional Chinese medicine, within the framework of which special needles are introduced into certain points of the human body. According to proponents of this method, such an intervention should help to improve health and well-being. In some Western countries, such as the United States, in recent years, acupuncture is rapidly gaining popularity as a form of alternative medicine

They died ridiculously: Darwin Award nominees

The prize nominates people who, due to unreasonable behavior, have freed the gene pool of humanity from their genes. Key criteria for inclusion in the list: the candidate must be adequate, competent and commit a decisive act not by coercion, but only of his own free will and initiative. Death or loss of reproductive ability should occur as a result of a truly absurd event, which should not be fiction

Mathematician solved the riddle of number 42

The task is as follows: can any number from 1 to 100 be expressed as the sum of three cubes? If we write down the 1954 formula, we get the following: x3 + y3 + z3 = K. K in this case is any number from 1 to 100. Accordingly, it was necessary to determine all three unknown variables for each number K in this interval

How to understand the Heisenberg uncertainty principle?

In 2015, Vert Dider Studio began officially translating the popular science video blog Veritasium. Check out one of these translations on quantum mechanics. The Heisenberg principle tells us that it is impossible to simultaneously determine the position of a particle and its momentum with infinite accuracy

Orbit selected for Gateway international lunar station

ESA Gateway Station in Artistic Performance Gateway (full name: Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway (LOP-G); lunar orbital platform-gateway) is a planned international near-moon station that would initially be used to study the Earth’s natural satellite, and then as a transfer station for astronauts traveling to Mars and back.

Fly, Pilot, Fly: “The Aviator,” a biography of the legendary Howard Hughes

Director Martin Scorsese has never been a fan of new technology; about 20 frames with special effects in New York's Gangs were the limit for him. At an early stage of the project, the producers assumed that it would take about 120 frames with special effects, which would cost about $ 6 million. However, as a result of such frames, there were more than 400

Hydra: an amazing animal that is almost impossible to kill

In the upper part of the cylindrical body of a hydra, only 1–2 cm long, there is a mouth surrounded by a corolla of 5–12 small tentacles, with the help of which it constantly hunts for prey, and which have the ability to regenerate like the rays of starfish, if these tentacles cut off or torn off. Th

10 Russian homemade products that surprised YouTube

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10 most unique nebulae

The snail nebula in the constellation Aquarius is clearly visible from Earth. It is located very close to us by cosmic standards, at a distance of only 700 light-years. This is another planetary nebula with a white dwarf in the center. The crab nebula became the first number in the list of space objects compiled by the French astronomer of the XVIII century Charles Messier

Cold fusion: the most famous physical fraud

The scientists who made the sensational statement seemed to have a solid reputation and were completely trustworthy. A member of the Royal Society who moved to the United States from Great Britain and ex-president of the International Society of Electrochemists Martin Fleishman had international fame earned by participating in the discovery of surface-enhanced Raman scattering of light

Xenomorph Biology: How Aliens Are Organized

Many speculations about xenomorphs (Internecivus raptus), extremely unusual and dangerous animals from the Zeta Net system, should also be attributed to such speculation. Fragmented data was obtained mainly during the investigation of incidents on the cargo ships Nostromo (2124 - see the film Alien) and Auriga (2434, Alien 4: Resurrection), as well as on the planetoid Acheron (2183 year, “Aliens”) and the planet-prison Fayorina-161 (2184, “Alien-3”). In add

Who invented dynamite and when?

Alfred Nobel, from his youth, was fond of chemistry (he studied under the famous Nikolai Zinin) and at the age of 17 went from St. Petersburg, where the Nobel family lived, to Europe. In Paris from 1850 to 1852 he was a student with the famous chemist Theophilus-Jules Peluse, one of the inventors of pyroxylin

All popular myths about coffee, tea and cocoa

According to the most common legend, the tonic properties of coffee were discovered by an Ethiopian shepherd who noticed that goats, having eaten dense leaves and dark red fruits of a coffee tree during the day, stopped sleeping at night. He told about this strange case to the abbot of the monastery, he decided to try on himself the action of unusual grains and was struck by the force of the drink

In Russia earned an electronic burial card

An electronic map of the graveyards of “Cemeteries of Russia” allows you to find a person’s grave using his first name, middle name and last name. For search accuracy, you can enter the date of birth and date of death, city or specific cemetery, if one is known. While the service works only in St. Pete

Why do divers need parachutes?

“The laws of aero- and hydrodynamics, as you know, are very similar in many ways. This is the basis for the use of a dome so unusual at first glance, ”says Oleg Tsarev, an employee of the Research Institute of Aeroelastic Systems, based in Feodosia. One of the most terrible dangers awaiting a person under water is decompression sickness. If

10 unusual breeds of dogs that you have not heard anything about

Podenko ibitsenko Strong, tall Ibizan greyhounds are the favorite dogs of the Egyptian pharaohs. It is believed that it was in those days - about 5 thousand years BC. - this oldest breed arose. Dogs that were originally bred for rabbit hunting have a calm disposition and get along well with children

10 motorcycles from the USSR

Most of the USSR motorcycle factories did not survive the dashing 1990s, having gone bankrupt against the backdrop of market competition with more advanced imported products. But others survived and today are beginning to gradually reborn from the ashes. "Izh." The Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant is primarily known for its weapons production, and from 1929 to 2008 it produced motorcycles that enjoyed great success and demand in the USSR

The new Titanic will be launched in 2022

The project was created by Blue Star Line. The production of the new Titanic will cost about $ 500 million, it will be able to accommodate 2, 400 passengers and 900 crew members. Clive Palmer, director of the Blue Star Line, says the date of the first trip was moved from 2018 to 2022 to mark 110 years from the date of the initial voyage

Thermonuclear Reactors: Do They Have a Future?

The main source of energy for humanity at present is the burning of coal, oil and gas. But their reserves are limited, and combustion products pollute the environment. A coal-fired power plant produces more radioactive emissions than nuclear power plants of the same capacity! So why haven’t we switched to nuclear energy sources so far?

The largest crocodile

Cassius was recognized as the largest captive crocodile in 2013 (5.48 m). The champion weighs about a ton (998 kg). He was caught in 2011 in Australia. At the moment, the animal is about 100 years old. His full name is Cassius Clay. It was named after the famous boxer Mohammed Ali (née Cassius Marcellus Clay).

How the head was made to us: what is a skull and how did it form

After Precambria, with its strange multicellular organisms, an evolutionary leap occurs, as a result of which modern types of living creatures appear, in particular chordates. From them vertebrates also lead their kind. The primitive chordates, such as the lancelet, who had safely survived to our times, had no bone or cartilage spine, of course

20 funny penguin facts

The southern hemisphere is an exceptional habitat for all 17 species of the penguin family. The largest representative of penguins is the emperor penguin, whose height reaches 120 cm, and the smallest is a small, or blue penguin. His average height is only 33 cm. The fastest penguin is the Subantarctic, or Papuan Penguin

A large Pacific trash spot is 16 times larger than scientists thought

According to a study published today in the journal Scientific Reports, the stain is not only 16 times larger than previously thought, but also 46% more massive. These conclusions can lead to extremely negative consequences for marine life, since particles of plastic from a spot can easily get into the food chains of the ocean and poison everything around

How to create an airgel: Novosibirsk experiments

Natalya Kupina Material of the portal “Science in Siberia” . Aerogels are special structures in which the liquid phase is completely replaced by a gaseous one. They have a number of unique properties: hardness, transparency, heat resistance, extremely low thermal conductivity and so on. How is airgel produced? It