Starry sky above your head: 10 facts about the constellations

Constellations are areas of the starry sky. To better navigate in the starry sky, ancient people began to distinguish groups of stars that could be connected into separate figures, similar objects, mythological characters and animals. Such a system allowed people to organize the night sky, making each of its sections easily recognizable

10 most expensive mobile phones in the world

Vertu Signature Diamond. An exclusive series from Vertu, whose phones are consistently ranked as "the most luxurious in the world." The case is made of platinum and decorated with diamonds. In total, about 200 copies were created, each of which costs 88 thousand dollars. iPhone Princess Plus

5 top science fiction novelties of 2018

No. 5: Six Awakenings by Mer Lafferty At first glance, the novel “Six Awakenings” seems like a hermetic detective in a fantastic setting. The crew of the spacecraft, heading with the colonists sleeping in suspended animation to a distant world, consists of six clones, which during the flight must more than once grow old, die and transfer their minds to new bodies. In

10 insects with superpowers

Some of these properties can be studied and applied for the benefit of mankind. Others will inspire new inventions in the field of mechanics and technology. Still others simply make them stay away from insects ... In any case, let's take a look at ten insects with supernormal abilities. Cockroaches

What to do with tick bites: recommendations of an entomologist

Anastasia Antonovskaya, a specialist in red-body ticks, an employee of the Department of Entomology of the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University, said that in her opinion should not be done with tick bites, how to pull them out correctly and how dangerous these arachnids are. Can a tick be confused with a blood-sucking insect

Potassium cyanide: what is it and how does it work

The history of cyanides is confidently traced from almost the first written sources that have reached us. The ancient Egyptians, for example, used peach bones to obtain a deadly essence, which is simply called “peach” in papyrus exhibited in the Louvre. Lethal Peach Synthesis Peach, like two and a half hundred plants, including almonds, cherries, cherries, plums, belongs to the genus of plums. Th

How is the factory for the production of electric vehicles

Porsche In 2019, the premiere of the first ever Porsche production Taycan electric car. The release of new items has been established at the factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, where the iconic sports cars 356 and 911 appeared at one time. Especially for the production of an electric vehicle, the assembly line scheme was changed, where unmanned conveyors are used instead of the traditional conveyor

9 blood facts you might not know

one. Karl Landsteiner discovered blood types in 1901, watching how different people clot when mixed. He later classified them as A, B, and 0. According to this system, there are four blood groups: 0 (I), A (II), B (III), and AB (IV). 2. This system is not unique. Currently, there are 33 classification systems recognized by the International Society for Blood Transfusion, including Lutheran, Bombay, Duffy and even OK

11 Russian motorcycles: choose ours!

Many aspiring motorcyclists, trying to save money, opt for inexpensive Indian and Chinese motorcycles, while there are a number of modern Russian brands that are worth paying attention to. Perhaps you will like the domestic motorcycle much more! Irbis (Black, MO). The company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs from Vladivostok in 2001 and is now based in the village of Chernoye, Moscow Region

10 unexpected facts about octopuses

Simulated octopus. Thaumoctopus mimicus, a species of octopus from the tropical seas of Southeast Asia, was recently discovered in 1998. Although many octopuses can change skin color, these guys went much further - they copy the appearance and behavior of more than 15 other sea creatures - stingrays, sea snakes, jellyfish, flounders, crabs and even sea anemones

Cognitive Alpaca Facts: A South American Treasure

1. Alpaca is a South American camel family pet. Alpacas live in the Andes at an altitude of 3, 500-5, 000 meters, in Ecuador, southern Peru, northern Chile and western Bolivia. These creatures were domesticated about 6, 000 years ago by the Indians of Peru. First of all, alpaca is valued for its wool, from which blankets, clothes and much more are made

How to make a do-it-yourself sawing machine: master class

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10 fastest animals in the world: up to 2090 km / h in a jump

Pronghorn. This elegant creature is the fastest terrestrial animal in North America, with a speed of 90 km / h. At a short distance, the pronghorn would not be able to overtake the cheetah, but would easily come off it on any long track. Stamina allows pronghorn to migrate hundreds of kilometers every year

Who invented cement?

The first data on the use of cement in construction date back to around the 2nd century BC. A mixture of lime with volcanic ash, pumice and tuff from the slopes of Vesuvius was used by the Romans as a binder in the construction of stone structures. Roman builders also made individual elements of structures from cement, but its strength left much to be desired

Russia has created a new cheap and durable aluminum alloy

Aluminum insider Especially for the technology of sheet superplastic forming (SPF), scientists have begun the development of an aluminum alloy characterized by increased strength at room temperature and adaptability to superplastic forming at elevated speeds, RIA Novosti reports. The results of the study are published in the journal Materials Science and Engineering A

Coxsackie virus in Turkey: dangerous or not?

In Turkey, you can now not only plunge into the blue sea and see the old cities, but also become infected with Koksaki viruses. The Turkish Ministry of Health does not name what is happening as an epidemic, but cases of the disease have been reported in Kemer, Alanya, Side and other cities. Among the sick, there were already 500 Russians; one nine-month-old baby brought the virus to Moscow

Why joints crackle and is it dangerous? Popular about crepitation

The joints often make a whole range of sounds, from clicks to creaks. The scientific name for this phenomenon is crepitus, from the Latin word crepitus. It is common to people of all ages, although with age it becomes more common. But what causes such an unusual effect? Gnashing of teeth and joint The most common cause of crepitus is air bubbles that form at the joints

Why does a man need a tail: atavisms and rudiments

We are talking about atavisms and rudiments - these concepts often coexist with each other, sometimes cause confusion and have a different nature. The simplest and probably the most famous example, in which both concepts are adjacent, refers to, so to speak, the lower part of the human body. The tailbone, the end of the spine, in which several vertebrae fused, is recognized as rudimentary

Memories of the Cassini probe: all about the mission to Saturn

22 last turns - and the end. On April 26, 2017, the Cassini interplanetary probe made the first of a series of flights through a 2400-kilometer gap between the sparkling rings of Saturn at a speed of 125 thousand km / h, hiding from small fragments by the antenna. On September 15, he will deploy an antenna to Earth and go on his last leap into the abyss of the atmosphere of the gas giant

Physicists have found a way to save the Schrödinger cat

The famous thought experiment of the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger “cat in a box” is an illustration of one of the defining characteristics of quantum mechanics - the unpredictable behavior of particles at the quantum level. This unpredictability makes working with quantum systems incredibly difficult. But

5 most formidable two-handed swords of the Middle Ages

Claymore Claymore (claymore, claymore, claymore, from the Gallic claidheamh-mòr - "big sword") is a two-handed sword, which has become widespread among Scottish highlanders since the end of the XIV century. Being the main weapon of the infantry, Claymore was actively used in clashes between tribes or border battles with the British.

Jung's experience can turn our view of reality

The essence of the experiment is that a beam of light is directed onto an opaque screen-screen with two parallel slots, behind which there is another, projection screen. The feature of the slots is that their width is approximately equal to the wavelength of the emitted light. It would be logical to assume that photons should pass through the gaps, creating two parallel streaks of light on the rear screen

10 unexpected facts about hallucinations

Phantom phone vibrating alert is the most popular hallucination these days. Hallucinations are not necessarily fantastic visions, but any image that occurs without a real external stimulus, including tactile sensations. A study was conducted at the Georgia Institute of Technology, which showed that 90% of students feel the phantom vibration of a mobile phone, which forces them to constantly check if someone is actually calling them

Deadly poisonous spiders appeared in the suburbs

Karakurt (Latrodectus tredecimguttatus) is a large (up to one and a half centimeters) black spider. There may be red spots on the abdomen with a white border, but they may not be, in which case the spider is completely black. He leads a sedentary lifestyle, placing snare traps in the pits and abandoned mink of rodents

10 amazing facts about the Norwegian Forest Cat

Friends of the harsh warriors. The exact origin of the Norwegian forest cat is still a mystery. According to one version, this is a descendant of a black and white shorthair cat, which the Vikings used on their ships as a mousetrap. There is another opinion that the Norwegian cat was descended from the Angora cat, which was brought to Scandinavia by the crusader knights

The coolest 3D videos for virtual reality glasses: watch!

So - welcome to England. To begin with, we will try ourselves in the place of workers installing an 8-megawatt Vestas 164 wind generator (8 megawatts) at sea. This is just one of 32 such giants installed by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind as part of the expansion of the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm capacity on the west coast of the UK

Pure blood is the key to health

Normally, blood is an exceptionally successful find of evolution; it nourishes the body and supplies it with oxygen, maintains a bond between organs with each other. When harmful substances enter the bloodstream, the whole body suffers. Fortunately, the blood is designed so that it can be cleaned of everything dangerous and unnecessary

The black hole in the center of the Milky Way hungry

The black hole around which all the stars of our galaxy move is located in the constellation Sagittarius, at a distance of 26 thousand light years from us. Accordingly, all the described events occurred at a time when the ancient Homo sapiens studied the art of sculpture from Denisov’s people. But astronomers usually write “in May”, bearing in mind that the described event in May was observed. Form

The Voynich Manuscript: a mysterious book in an unknown language

Throughout the 20th century, linguists, historians and cryptographers have been wondering what is written in a mysterious book called the Voynich Manuscript named after the antiquarian Wilfrid Voynich, who rediscovered the manuscript in 1912. The surname Voynich, in general, is familiar to the Russian reader

Flyboard: how the “flying segway” works and how to use it

Extreme and the former world champion in aquabike Frankie Zapata could not contain his annoyance when flying flyboards in his native France were banned. “This is how innovators are treated in our country, ” he wrote on his Facebook page. - And this is after we have already produced more than 10 thousand flyboards with the inscription “Made in France”! ”Howev