Hercules Beetle Larva: The Most Unusual Pet

“Have you seen this dog?” So the good-natured Reddit user Hirofumi Kawano shows off his new pet. In fact, a cute caterpillar of monstrous size is the larva of an incredibly beautiful Hercules beetle (Latin: Dynastes hercules), the largest representative of the Dynastes genus and one of the largest beetles on Earth.

These beetles live in Central and South America, where females lay their eggs in rotten wood. Usually, an adult larva weighs up to 100 grams, but Cavanaugh's pet has reached all 138. Not only the larva itself, but also its pupa is noteworthy: some believe that its unusual appearance inspired the famous artist Hans Rudolf Giger at one time to create the design of space predators, xenomorphs as well as the alien race of Engineers:


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