To help the student: 6 excellent mnemonic rules to remember everything

1. The square root of two

An irrational number is rational. that to know it entirely is impossible: this is an infinite non-periodic fraction, which cannot be written even with an ordinary fraction. But you can remember as many as 10 decimal places and not google the number every time you need to calculate more precisely:

1.4142135624 = I am Tanya, I am a fool, but I found a root of two. (Each number corresponds to the number of letters in a word.)

2. Geological scale

Geological chronology is easy. First there was a lifeless Precambrian eon, and then the first skeletal organisms appeared - and the eon, called the Phanerozoic, began. It is unlikely to be needed at school to know which eras and periods the Precambrian is laid out, but being able to quickly recall the sequence of periods of the Phanerozoic can sometimes be very helpful. We go from the oldest (540 million years ago) to our Quaternary period:

Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous, Perm, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, Paleogene, Neogene, Quaternary Or, by first letters:

Every Excellent Student Must Smoke Cigarettes. You, Yura, Mal - Grow On The Quartet.

3. Sticks and cones

In our eyes, there are nerve cells, two types of photoreceptors: rods and cones. Some are of three types and allow you to see the world in color, the second help to distinguish between objects at dusk, when cats are gray. It is not difficult to confuse one with another, but you can remember this slightly absurd mnemonic rule, and never confuse it:

How to repair torn ligaments

In the daytime they work with cones, at night they go with sticks

4. Spectral classification of stars

This year, in high school, they will begin to study astronomy, and in connection with this joyful innovation, we recall the old rule, according to which you can remember the sequence of names of the spectral classes of stars from the hottest blue (O) to the coldest red (M).

Oh, Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me

5. Latin numbers

The record “17” as XVII is read by everyone, but the record MMXVII - “2017” is already more difficult for those who do not know the mnemonic rule about writing numbers with characters of the Latin alphabet:

We give Juicy Lemons, Enough Vseem Ikh (M-1000, D-500, C-100, L-50, X-10, V-5, I-1).

6. A number of metal activity

Those who are seriously interested in chemistry will be pleased to know that a number of metal activities can be learned by heart without much effort and not have to go to the plate whenever you need to understand how the reaction will go.

lithium, potassium, calcium, sodium,

aluminum, zinc, iron,

nickel, tin, lead,

hydrogen, and that's it.

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