Hamilton and Interstellar: creating a legend

“Murph Clock” is a moving name the fans of the film gave the Hamilton watches used to create the picture, which became an integral part of the plot. In no other film, Hamilton's special connection with Hollywood was not so pronounced as in the film "Interstellar".

According to the script of the film, danger loomed over humanity, and NASA experts are trying to find a way to relocate to another planet. A former NASA cooper participating in the expedition is forced to leave his daughter Murph. Parting, Cooper leaves her his watch. Getting into the five-dimensional space, from the tesseract of Cooper, through the second hand of the clock, Murph transmits a message to his daughter using Morse code. This data on quantum singularity, necessary for humanity in order to leave the perishing Earth. At the moment when Murph finds a solution and makes a fateful discovery, she screams “Eureka”. Humanity is saved.

Naturally, the fans of the film dreamed of the possibility of having an important part of this movie masterpiece for them. The Khaki Field Murph was launched to mark the cinematic anniversary celebrated by Hamilton.

The Khaki Field Murph with a 42 mm stainless steel case, black dial, Super-LumiNova® beige-coated hands, an H-10 automatic movement with an 80-hour power reserve and a black leather strap is an exact copy of the watch from the movie.

The only difference from the original will undoubtedly delight fans of the picture. On the second hand using Morse code, the varnish inscription "Eureka" is applied. But you can read this message, almost invisible to the naked eye, only knowing about its existence. Of particular importance to fans of Interstellar, the inscription will be opened only to the initiates.

But this is not limited to the relationship of watches with the film. In close collaboration with the award-winning art director Nathan Crowley, a special case was developed in the form of the famous film tesseract. Thus, not the Khaki Field Murph model itself, but its exclusive packaging will be released in a limited edition. A total of 2, 555 copies were made. Colored stripes resemble the inner surface of an unusual cube in which Cooper realizes that he can transmit messages to Murph through time and space.

Now fans of the film can plunge into the atmosphere of the picture thanks to their own "Murph watches", which went down in the history of cinema.


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