Great Russian generals in the gallery of portraits from Ulysse Nardin

On June 22, 1945, the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the USSR Armed Forces I.V. was published in the central newspapers of the USSR. Stalin number 370:

In commemoration of the victory over Germany in World War II, on 24 June 1945, in Moscow, on Red Square, I will appoint a parade of troops of the army, navy and Moscow garrison - Victory Parade. To the parade: Combined regiments of the fronts, the consolidated regiment of the People’s Commissariat of Defense, the consolidated regiment of the Navy, military academies, military schools and troops of the Moscow garrison. Victory Parade to accept my deputy Marshal of the Soviet Union Zhukov. Command the Victory Parade to Marshal of the Soviet Union Rokossovsky. I entrust the general leadership on the organization of the parade with Colonel General P. A. Artemyev, commander of the troops of the Moscow Military District and the head of the garrison of Moscow. Supreme Commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union I. Stalin.

The names of the great commanders, military marshals and generals are forever inscribed in the history of the state. Ancient Russia, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union - time changed political views and the political system, but not the memory of outstanding deeds and achievements, not the memory of people who created the greatness of their country.

With great respect for the historical and military heritage of the Russian Federation, Ulysse Nardin manufactory presents a gallery of portraits of the great Russian commanders. On the dials of a Swiss watch manufacturer are paintings by famous Russian painters on the history of Russia:

The Grand Duke of Vladimir, commander of the Holy Russian Orthodox Church - Alexander Nevsky work P.D. Korina from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery;

Count, His Serene Highness Prince, Russian commander, statesman and diplomat - Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev-Kutuzov by A.N. Semenova;

Prince, Russian commander, founder of Russian military theory, national hero of Russia. Generalissimo, Field Marshal of the Holy Roman Empire - Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov. The works of an unknown artist from the collection of the Rybinsk State Historical and Archival Art Museum-Reserve;

But the first portrait is dedicated to the Marshal of the Soviet Union, four times Hero of the Soviet Union, holder of two orders of Victory, the Soviet commander - Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov.

On the dial is the image “Portrait of Marshal Zhukov G.K.”, 2006, by the painter Oleg Vasilievich Ezdakov, the rights to use of which are provided by the Federal Autonomous Institution of Culture and Art “M.B. Studio of Military Artists” Grekova ”of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

For collectors, a series dedicated to the great commanders is of considerable value. The watch dials are made using the “lacquered miniature mother of pearl” technique. The optical effects of the mother of pearl transmit the image so that it seems as if all the drawn elements come to life. The drawing is applied with a thin watercolor brush, and the painting itself is made with oil paints, covered with several layers of varnish with their subsequent polishing. This technique was not chosen by chance - in the XVII miniature lacquered portraits were taken with them on a trip or on a military campaign, worn on the chest as a reminder of a distant home. In the Classicico Generals watch collection, the use of this technique symbolizes not only the historical, but also the cultural heritage of Russia.

The collection was created on the basis of the UN-815 caliber with automatic winding. The watch case is made of 18-carat white or pink gold with a diameter of 40 mm, a transparent sapphire crystal case back, an alligator leather strap with a classic clasp.

A collection dedicated to the great Russian military commanders is the pride of Swiss manufacture. Always respecting the history of Russia and highlighting the events that are significant for our state, Ulysse Nardin devoted a new chapter to its history - the history of our country. The great heritage of the past found its man-made reflection "in time" in the present. The collection is prepared only for Russia and will be exclusively presented in the boutique of Ulysse Nardin in Moscow.


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