Ghosts settled in Lego

Hidden Side kits are various locations in a fictional city that has been attacked by supernatural powers. Having assembled the designs, you can play with them as with regular Lego models, and the elements included in the set are fully compatible with other series. A new level of entertainment opens if you install a special application.

Players point the smartphone’s camera at the assembled figures, and the program builds an augmented reality in which ghosts hide behind every corner of the structure. The goal of the game is to catch them all and save the city. The gameplay takes place not only on the phone screen: to win, you must also perform manipulations with the designer.

This is not Lego's first experience in developing augmented reality entertainment. Previously, the company released applications that allowed you to scan your toys from the designer and play them on your smartphone. The Lego Hidden Side game will be available for free download on the AppStore and Google Play simultaneously with the availability of kits for sale in late summer 2019.


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