6 amazing gadget facts

Theory of Relativity and GPS One of the consequences of the theory of relativity is the slowing down of time for moving objects. In everyday life, we cannot notice this, because the speeds of all the bodies we meet are comparable and this effect does not affect our life activity. Everything changes when you are in an orbit of 20 thousand kilometers above sea level and fly through space at a speed of 14 thousand kilometers per hour - these are the parameters of the orbit of GPS satellites

iPhone 7 explode too

Fortunately, the iPhone did not explode in the hands of the owner - unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, which had injured several people and even burned one SUV before announcing a revocable campaign. An American from Texas ordered a new iPhone 7 Plus from the online store Apple with the contract of mobile operator AT&T and was looking forward to the courier

iPod Touch 7 vs. iPhone 7: speed test

Both devices are equipped with the A10 Fusion chipset and have two gigabytes of RAM. The test video was published on Brandon Butch’s YouTube channel.

Watch Series 5 and iPhone 11: what Apple will show in September

According to sources, Apple's smartwatch by design will hardly change. The technical characteristics of the gadget still remain a mystery, but experts suggest that the Watch Series 5 will switch to the watchOS operating system and get enhanced functionality in the field of health monitoring. It is expected that at least the ECG feature introduced in the Watch Series 4 will be available in new countries and sleep monitoring will improve

10 crazy Japanese inventions

Sockets for eye drops allow you to precisely aim in the eye when you need to drip it with something. The real problem is not to blink during the process, but this device, alas, does not solve it. Exciting chewing gum is the Japanese response to the famous Viagra. If you believe the advertisement - it contains pure testosterone

Do I need a 4K monitor at home: Philips 288P6 test drive

Even at first glance it is obvious that a 4K monitor is a much more relevant acquisition than a 4K TV: while popular TV shows are just starting to switch to a new format, and the quality of the image enhancers built into TVs is controversial, any modern computer easily redraws the desktop to the real 4K

How are vinyl records arranged?

Vinyl records now unite representatives of various generations, from lovers of jazz or progressive rock of the 70s to fans of electronic music or metal. In fact, a vinyl record is an embodied wave of sound, the ability to feel with your hands something that otherwise does not have such a material appearance

Breathe, Don't Breathe: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Smart Watch Review

The smart watch market is breeding and multiplying. While Apple is improving its only model, Samsung is ahead of the curve and launches several variations of “brainwashing”. The newest and at the same time the cheapest - Galaxy Watch Active. They were the ones who hit the Popular Mechanics test. How to wear them? Ac

How the TV actually works: screen in slow-mo

When you look at the TV screen, in fact, you do not see a moving image, but just a series of static pictures that change each other fast enough to create the illusion of movement. Many people know how the TV works, but no one has yet seen all the subtleties of the process - the human eye is not capable of this

Samurai Pet Armor

In the Japanese company Samurai Age, which produces models of samurai armor, created a special series for pets. Each kit is recreated with historical accuracy. The armor is made of foam and polyurethane, so they are very light. In addition, they do not constrain the movements of animals. The company notes: if your pet is already used to wearing special clothes for animals, then there will be no problems with armor

Galaxy Note10 + on Exynos 9825 vs Note10 + on Snapdragon 855: speed test

Gary Explains / YouTube In Russia, as in many other countries, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + is sold in the version with the company's new chipset - Exynos 9825. At the same time, in some other countries, in the USA, the smartphone is sold in the version with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. The author of the YouTube channel Gary Explains decided to compare the performance of these two versions - in a special test Speed ​​Test G, developed by himself (as part of the test, a number of stand-alone applications developed by the blogger are launched: they automatically perform certain tasks t

The first "replica" iPhone 6 appeared on sale before the original

Little-known Chinese companies produce a lot of copies of popular gadgets. Some of these crafts break on the first day of use, while others are made quite high quality and can even be compared with the original models in terms of performance and stability. From the point of view of fakes, of course, Apple is the leader - Chinese "iPhones" with two SIM cards, a TV tuner and a set of dubious functions are produced in huge quantities and, oddly enough, are in good demand

Samsung Galaxy Note10 + vs Apple iPhone XS Max: who is faster?

Ramesh Bakotra / YouTube The Galaxy Note10 + is equipped with the Exynos 9825 chipset, while the iPhone XS Max uses the A12 Bionic chipset. At the same time, Samsung, which participated in the test, has 12 gigabytes of RAM, and the Apple smartphone has four gigabytes of RAM. The comparison video was published on the Ramesh Bakotra YouTube channel

Man’s best friends: how fitness trackers track health

For the last couple of months, I walked with a garland of fitness trackers on both hands, I got technical questions from specialists and now I know almost everything about them. Let's face it, the fitness tracker of my dreams does not exist yet and this is bad news. But before its appearance there is not so much time left - and this is good

Leatherman Tread: Twenty-Five Instrument Bracelet

The Leatherman Tread bracelet does not count steps and does not display messages from a smartphone, but it can help in much more complex situations. The bracelet consists of 11 links with the functions of 25 tools: wrenches (metric and inch), slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, hexagons and squares, sling hook, opener, glass block with a carbide tip and even a tool for removing SIM cards from smartphones

10 crazy computer peripherals

Titan Sphere is a product of the quickly ruined company SGRL, a failed attempt to say a new word in the field of joysticks. It was assumed that the player would keep the device on his lap, freely controlling the two rotating halves of the gamepad. But the price of $ 130 and the monstrous look scared off buyers, and now Titan Sphere is almost impossible to find on sale

Selfies First Class: Vivo Nex 3

Today, VIVO introduced its new flagship - VIVO NEX 3. It lost the second screen, but received a display that occupies almost the entire frontal plane. For this, the front 16 MP camera had to be placed on a retractable module. The main photo module is equipped with three cameras: 64 megapixels +13 megapixels + 13 megapixels

100 petabytes: the largest hard drive on wheels

A truck called Snowmobile is designed to transfer (or transport?) Data from a client’s server to Amazon Web Services cloud storage. Do you really need such an archaic way to move data to the "cloud"? The fact is that with a volume of exabytes or, as often happens, hundreds of petabytes, downloading even through a channel with high bandwidth can take a very tangible time.

Yandex.Telephone versus competing smartphones: who is cooler?

On Wednesday, December 5, Yandex introduced the first smartphone of its own production. As was repeatedly stated earlier, the new phone should not be inferior to Western and Eastern counterparts - and its characteristics speak for themselves: Yandex.Phone Screen : 5.65 inches (shockproof glass) Cameras : dual main (resolution 16 + 5 megapixels) + frontal (5 megapixels) RAM : 4 GB Internal memory : 64 GB CPU : Snapdragon 630, 8 cores Battery : 3060 mAh Operating System : Android 8

How to make a robot brush from improvised materials

You do not need to be a professional engineer in order to assemble your first cleaning robot. In making the brush move on the floor, there are no special tricks: a motor, a battery, a pair of wires - and now your newly made assistant famously cut circles on the floor. We are not sure whether it will be as effective as a robot vacuum cleaner, but just look at this charming fidget

How to choose a head unit in a car: Pioneer AVH-Z5000BT review

Does the Pioneer AVH-Z5000BT multimedia system meet these modern requirements? Check it out! Installation The AVH-Z5000BT system can be installed in a regular place of almost any car. The set includes: instructions, a “basket” for installation, a set of fasteners, a slide for removing the radio, standard pinouts for connecting to wiring, a microphone, adapter frame and one USB extension cable. In

How to choose a network storage (and why it is needed): Asustor AS3204T review

Many homes have external hard drives. There are stationary, standing above the table, where films and photographs are dumped. There are portable ones - smaller and lighter - that you can carry with you as a "flash drive". Just the day before yesterday, my friend brought me 500 GB of photos on such a disk - in general, the usual thing

Very unusual mobile phones: 8 models

1. The concept of the Nokia 888 mobile phone was proposed in 2005 by designer Tamer Nakischi at The Nokia Europe Benelux Awards 2005. The idea was to have a mobile phone that can be folded and placed in a compact pocket, put on like a bracelet and, in in general, do whatever you like. The audience very warmly welcomed the futuristic concept of Nokia 888, but, unfortunately, the model never hit the shelves

IQOS evolution: what happened in the past, what to expect in the future

We live in an era of very rapid progress: inventions are changing the world, our lifestyle, habits and way of interacting with the world. The innovative IQOS heating system has contributed to this stream of change. Formally, the idea was to create a compact device for heating tobacco. But in fact, it was about creating a new format that has a number of advantages over the traditional one: convenient, technologically advanced, giving less odor and eliminating smoke and ash

New type of color electronic paper: 32,000 colors!

The technology of "electronic paper" was developed back in the 70s of the last century in the laboratories of Xerox Corporation, and professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joseph Jacobson, founder of E Ink, made it commercial. Recall that the principle of "electronic ink" is based on the principle of electrophoresis, that is, the phenomenon of the movement of particles in a liquid or gaseous medium under the influence of an electric field

10 best-selling phones ever

But there are other champions - both among ordinary push-button gadgets, and among modern smartphones. Although a little. Let's see which mobile phones were sold for their short, in general, history. Nokia 1100 is not so known as 3100, but it is she - the best-selling phone of all time, more than 250 million copies

Laptop for gamers: testing ASUS ROG G703

A classic gaming computer is a set of a system unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse. To launch modern applications, you need a powerful video card and a massive cooling system, and for a normal gaming experience, you also need a screen with a large diagonal and high-quality sound. In an ordinary office laptop, all this is not there simply as unnecessary

Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 +: who is faster?

Benchmark video was posted on Tech Thusiast’s YouTube channel. The Samsung Galaxy S10 + participating in the test is equipped with the Exynos 9820 chipset and eight gigabytes of RAM, while the Xiaomi Mi 9 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and six gigabytes of RAM. In the first round of the test, the same applications were launched on smartphones, tracking how each device coped.

How BT speakers actually sound

A comparative test of popular Bluetooth speakers using a composer, a watering can and a bucket of water. “Our tape has run out of tape. Motay! ”You don’t need to wind up anymore: portable acoustics has become an integral part of our life, and the presence of a pack of spare“ thick ”batteries in a backpack pocket is no longer a prerequisite for good form when organizing a“ patsan ”party. The 21st cen

OPPO F7 - selfie phone

The main feature of OPPO F7 is the front 25-megapixel camera. For comparison, the front camera of the iPhone X is 7 (seven) megapixels. Yes, and the main camera of 16 megapixels does not look so bad against the background of the 12-megapixel camera iPhone X. But enough about Apple, let's get back to OPPO F7