Huawei P20 Pro vs P30 Pro: speed test

The Huawei P20 Pro is equipped with the Kirin 970 chipset, while the P30 Pro uses the Kirin 980 chipset. As for the cameras, the P30 Pro is equipped with a 32 megapixel selfie camera and a rear camera that has four modules: 40 MP, 8 MP, 20 MP and ToF module ; The P20 Pro is equipped with a 24-megapixel front camera and a rear camera with three modules - 40 megapixels, 8 megapixels and 20 megapixels

Radio-controlled trucks that cannot be distinguished from real ones

It is easier to believe in abnormal grass growth due to a suddenly increased background radiation than to assume that the truck in the photo is not real. Watching the video only aggravated the situation: the starter roared, and the footsteps vibrated from the mighty breathing of the giant Peterbilt Knight Hauler

Micromechanics: how the fountain pen works

In fountain pens, atmospheric pressure does not allow ink to pour out. If you type in a straw for cocktails of water and hold one end, then the water will be securely locked in it. But this technology works as long as the pressure is stable. If you get on a plane with such a straw, then some time after take-off, some of the water will still pour out, since at a height in the cabin the pressure drops by about 25%

Dosimeter test: which one to choose?

Household dosimeters manufactured in Russia and other CIS countries occupy a leading position in the world market, so only such devices were selected for the editorial test. They were tested in laboratory conditions (alpha, beta and gamma sources), as well as at one of the sites of radioactive contamination (radium-226, 0

What might the Samsung Galaxy S11 look like?

LetsGoDigital A recently approved Samsung patent, noticed by the LetsGoDigital portal, describes a smartphone with a screen that can expand to the right. Based on the document, the publication created renders of the device, which, as you can see, in the unfolded state in size resembles, more likely, a tablet

10 most terrible automatons

The clown, created in the middle of the XIX century, is perfectly preserved, right down to silk clothes and bright coloring. All he does at the factory is nodding his head non-stop with a smile on his face. Fortuneteller fortune-tellers were popular at fairs in the 19th-20th centuries, issuing "predictions of fate" on pieces of paper, pointing to cards or runes

Water cooling on the phone: now a reality

The power of modern phones is not inferior to computers, but it is enclosed in a very small case. And if desktop systems use effective air and (dream of advanced gamers) water cooling systems to remove heat, how can smartphones do without them? Very simple - when they reach a critical temperature, they simply lower the processor clock speed

Heart Matters: How Modern Gadgets Measure Your Pulse

With rare exceptions, the main measuring device in fitness trackers is the heart rate sensor, which measures the heart rate. Modern software, combined with artificial intelligence, is capable of calculating quite a lot according to its data - from pathological conditions of the body to the level of stress and sleep phases

Quantum Excellence: Everything About Quantum Computers

Intel's booth at the CES Consumer Electronics Conference in Las Vegas earlier this year, as usual, was filled with journalists and tech-bloggers. New products from the largest manufacturer of microchips are always potentially interesting, although in recent years these updates - a little more cores, a little less power consumption - are less and less attracting public attention

Lasers, Wi-Fi jammers, brass knuckles: what you can and cannot buy on AliExpress

Slingshot can On AliExpress you can buy hunting and toy slingshots that shoot with darts or metal or plastic balls (shells can be bought right there). Some models look quite powerful - they have forearm stops, pistol grips and counterweights. But regardless of the design, no permissions are needed: unlike bows and crossbows, which can sometimes be considered throwing weapons, slingshots in the Russian Federation can be sold and bought freely

What is a laptop-transformer and why is it needed: test drive

Almost all manufacturers have transformers, but they rarely form the basis of the lineup. Still, a laptop is one thing, and a tablet is another. Nowadays, when the rhythm of life is increasing every day, users are increasingly abandoning desktop computers, using laptops as the main work tool. The tablet also serves as a “quick” assistant on trips and trips, at business meetings, even just on the street (it happens, you’re walking, but someone crashes into you on the movie screen on a tablet). Many

Made in the USSR: microwave

The classic microwave "Electronics" in 1981, the base model of the most famous Soviet brand. This healthy metal plaque on the door is an external lock. "Electronics" SP-01. More perfect model. However, the SP-01 began to be produced back in 1978, and this is the result of the facelift of the mid-1980s

Samsung Galaxy S10 + vs Galaxy S8 +: speed test

Samsung Galaxy S10 + is equipped with 9820 chipset, while Galaxy S8 + is equipped with Exynos 8895 chipset. At the same time, both devices participating in the test are running Andorid 9 Pie OS (though S8 + has One UI shell in version 1.0, and S10 + in version 1.1). The video dedicated to the test was published on the NaldoTech YouTube channel

Expensive toy: How much does a super robot cost

The first of the Gundam series - RX-78 The Japanese Science and Technology Agency recently published a report on the cost of a "typical" giant humanoid robot - in that case, apparently, in case anyone really comes up with the idea to build such a monster. The mobile warrior Gundam from the famous anime series, an 18-meter giant weighing 43

Not to laugh: KVN-49 appeared 70 years ago

Three years after the end of World War II, regular television broadcasting began in the USSR, and a year later the first Soviet “people's” television KVN-49 appeared. Battles were fought in 1944, the Red Army had not yet completely liberated the country from occupiers, and the development of a television broadcast standard had already begun in the USSR. Th

How to crack password on iPhone?

The iOS operating system has protection against brute force, which does not allow the user to enter the wrong password several times in a row, thereby preventing potential attackers from trying to choose the right option. However, when transferring a smartphone to recovery mode, the limit on the number of password attempts is not valid

Cars and houses: 7 full-size models from LEGO

Real car The Super Awesome Micro Project, a project by young Romanian engineer Raul Oida and his Australian counterpart Steve Sammartino, took over 20 months, and the first real car built from LEGO in history was completed in December 2013. It is most striking that even the engine is made of LEGO - the car runs on compressed air, and its 256 cylinders develop a total power of 18

There is a lot of software, a little iron: a test of the budgetary Samsung Galaxy M20

In 2019, almost all major smartphone manufacturers finally decided to provide users with the opportunity to get all the relevant modern features in the budget segment. Samsung did not stand aside, releasing the Galaxy M20, which Popular Mechanics studied with passion. If you look at the dry specifications, the Galaxy M20 is a very attractive option for an inexpensive phone: a full set of wireless interfaces, a frameless design with a small cutout for the front camera and a solid battery capacity

Only in a gas mask and gloves: how to prepare the sharpest sauce in the world

Muhammad Karim, 35, is the director and chef of the Bindi Restaurant, based in Grantham, Lincolnshire. The man gained worldwide fame as the creator of seasoning, which scored 12 million units on the Scovilla burning scale. For comparison: the corresponding figure for police pepper spray is approximately 4 million units

“Face on Mars”: 40 years of great mystification

Of course, we are talking about the famous "Face on Mars", a photograph taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft at the time when it flew past the Red Planet. On them in the region of the region of Kydonia (Latin Cydonia), something was noticeable that resembled a huge human face, carved in rock or built by hand

How do reinforcing headphones work (and what is it)?

In the life of an inquisitive music lover, a moment comes when he asks “is there an alternative to dynamic headphones?” Then the door opens to a brave new world where there is a place for other emitter designs: electrostatic, ortho / isodynamic and, finally, headphones with a balanced armature, or simply put, reinforcing. Si

We play William Tell: how to choose a target for darts?

“Sweep the boar?” The editor asked the designer, but he suddenly refused. This designer knew something. It was at these moments that the editorial door opened and the courier materialized in them. The guys from sent new targets for testing from one of the recognized leaders in this field, the British company Winmau. Th

Home Defibrillator and Other Really Useful Health Gadgets

Home defibrillator In Russia, they are not widespread, but in other countries they hang in every institution and in home medicine chests: it’s easy to learn how to use a defibrillator, and the result is a saved life. Statistics speak in favor of acquiring a defibrillator: of all sudden deaths, about 13% and 88% of them are due to cardiac causes, with 80% of such deaths occurring at home, and only 20% - on the street and in public places.

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Galaxy Note10 +: camera comparison

Mrwhosetheboss / YouTube Apple’s new flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max is equipped with a triple rear camera with 12 megapixel modules and a dual front camera with a 12 megapixel module and ToF module. Mate 30 Pro, the new top-end Huawei, is equipped with a rear camera with four modules - 40, 8, 40 megapixels and a ToF module; selfie camera - dual: includes a 32 megapixel module and a ToF module.

Samsung Galaxy A70 vs Galaxy A9: speed test

Galaxy A70 is equipped with Snapdragon 675 chipset, while Galaxy A9 is equipped with Snapdragon 660 chipset. At the same time, both smartphones participating in the comparison have six gigabytes of RAM and are running Android Pie OS. In addition to the speed test, the blogger also conducted a test of camera devices

How to make fireworks

At the heart of the best fire shows is music. Among professional pyrotechnics, the highest class is the ability to convey the smallest emotional nuances of a work, follow the musical drama exactly and never lose rhythm. “For example, playing around the theme of 'The Little Mermaid', we can try to draw a blue sea in the night sky, show how it worries more and more in harmony with the music, ” says Victor. In

Apple's online presentation broadcast: new iPhones, watches and accessories

For several weeks in a row, the network is replete with various rumors about the new iPhone XI. It is assumed that they will be equipped immediately with three camera modules, wireless reverse charging and will receive new hardware. The chipset will be improved primarily in terms of energy efficiency - the next generation of “apple” smartphones should live longer without a socket. Th

Job Simulator: Secret Desires of an Office Employee

To play Job Simulator, in addition to the PS itself, you will need two more gadgets - a PlayStation Move controller and a PlayStation VR headset. In the gameplay teaser presented on the PlayStation Experience, you can see the entire gameplay on the example of an office employee. For example, a simulator allows you to throw donuts and mugs with absolute impunity in the office, launch paper planes and shoot from a stapler - that is, everything that could entertain you in the workplace, but that you do not allow yourself to do for ethical reasons

The 10 most sought after technical professions of 2017

In principle, it is technical professions that are on the rise and are much more in demand than humanitarian ones. And most of them are related to digital technology. Moreover, if some professions are experiencing a temporary surge, then others will be in the top for many more years. Linkedin analyzed the hiring situation in different areas from January 1 to September 1, 2016, and based on this formed a corresponding rating

Choosing “gag” headphones: AKG N40 test

Usually, when you write a test of a novelty, you must monitor what other portals have already written. In order not to intersect, to make sure that in principle he is right, and not to pass off his subjective perception as reality. To find that I forgot to write, say, about the quality of the plastic, and panically insert this into the review at the last moment