Frost-resistant microbes found in Yakutia

According to the press service of Sakhaneftegazsbyt JSC, unusual bacteria were discovered on the territory of the Amgha oil depot at the end of August this year by graduate student Nyurgustaana Popova and laboratory assistant Semyon Sivtsev, who selected the material.

These frost-resistant microorganisms, isolated from soils of the locations of our oil depots, are adapted to the harsh conditions of Yakutia. Biological products that are used to clean soils from oil pollution, for example, in Central Russia do not withstand the climatic conditions of our republic, so I consider their use inappropriate in the Far North. And the developments of the Institute of Oil and Gas Problems in the future can be applied in the Arctic and northern zones, ”said Aytalina Baisheva, a leading specialist in the field of environmental management of Sakhaneftegazsbyt JSC.

The decomposition of oil by microorganisms per se has been known for a long time, many books and dissertations have been written about it (see here and here). But in the conditions of Yakutia, with frosts reaching 50 degrees, these microbes do not take root and biological products that work properly in Europe turn out to be practically useless. Meanwhile, in real Russian conditions, oil will leak somewhere and the consequences of the leak will need to be eliminated. Therefore, the discovery of previously unknown microbes can be of significant practical importance.

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