Found the fattest bear in Alaska

Katmai National Park Service

The weight of the winner is about 450 kilograms, however, no one weighed Otis - they figure it out by eye. They managed to become such a fat bear by the end of the warm season, with the approach of cold weather and hibernation. According to park volunteer David Kopschever, Otis gained 30 to 50 percent of his spring weight over the summer.

From other bears, less successful in weight gain, Otis is distinguished by endurance. According to park workers, he can spend hours sitting on the riverbank, waiting for fish and not wasting energy in vain. He catches and eats about 40 fish per day.

In addition, Otis is very old for a bear: he is 19 or 20 years old, and her metabolism, like all elderly animals, is slowed down. However, despite his age, Otis has a good chance of surviving another winter: his tactics for accumulating subcutaneous fat worked great this summer.

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