Flamethrower from Ilona Mask for everyone

On Christmas Eve, Musk announced on Twitter that caps were sold and flamethrowers would soon be.

This week, Reddit users noticed that the address boringcompany.com/flamethrower began to lead to a page with a password and username. At least one user has suggested that the password is flame, and hit the mark. (Now the password has already been changed).

After entering the password, the user got to a page similar to the Boring Company store, but instead of caps for $ 20, there was a pre-order form for a flamethrower for $ 600. “The prototype is on top, ” the site said. “The final model of the flamethrower will be better.”

According to reports by journalists who have visited the headquarters of SpaceX and the Boring Company, there really is a working model of the flamethrower, and it is a kind of Airsoft rifle converted to a flamethrower.

According to the site, the delivery of flamethrowers is scheduled for April 2018, if all this, of course, is not a raffle.


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