First on Me: testing Yandex.Phone

Yandex.Telephone is not the first gadget of a Russian Internet company, but certainly the first smartphone that made so much noise. It is full of Yandex applications, it has two rear cameras and an 8-core processor, 64 GB of memory and the ability to install two SIM cards. But how does all this work from the point of view of a simple user? We’ll find out now.

As for the external features, Yandex.Telephone is a simple, laconic, medium-sized device with glass front and back panels and an aluminum belt between them. In the hand of any size, controlling the smartphone will be convenient: you can easily reach each of the corners of the 5.65-inch screen, adjust the volume level and the like without any problems. The device was released only in black classic color, but you can add colors yourself by buying a bright case.

The device runs on the Android operating system (so far in version 8.1 Oreo), despite this, the interface cannot be called familiar. The main feature is the ubiquitous Alice, a voice assistant from Yandex. You can turn to Alice even if your phone is in your pocket or resting in the far corner of the room - just say “listen, Alice”. Voice interaction with a mobile device is really cool.

In addition, the smartphone’s menu is filled with Yandex applications by default: this is a taxi, food delivery, and Yandex search engine. Plus integrated programs such as "KinoPoisk", "Food" and others. I did not like it and, I think, many may not like it. Therefore, my "move" to a new smartphone began with the removal of unnecessary programs. On one of the main screens, I found a news feed from Yandex.Zen, and it is built in so that it cannot be deleted. In any case, I did not succeed.

Yandex.Zen on the main

It's funny that along with the programs from Yandex, Google-search engine and other applications of the company (Gmail, Google-drive, Google-maps) are adjacent, since we are still dealing with the Android operating system.

Let's talk about the camera. The main camera of the phone is dual 16/5 MP. We took test shots in the daytime and evening:

It is clear that Yandex.Telephone is not aimed at those who like to take cool pictures and lead, for example, Instagram. But the company says that from the point of view of firmware, they are constantly working on quality, and the first improvements have already been made. The front camera at Yandex.Telephone has a resolution of 5 megapixels. Testing:

We shot a short test video in the dark. Yandex.Telephone does not have optical stabilization functions:

By the way, there was a problem downloading data from the device. We connected Yandex.Telephone to the computer via USB, but the smartphone did not respond to the connection. Tried different computers from PC to Mac, but the result is one. Very upset by the lack of headphones in the standard kit - in the box you can find only a smartphone, cable, plug, instructions and a key for a SIM card.

About the price - Yandex.Telephone entered the market with a price of 17, 990 rubles, and this decision is expected: “neither for us, nor for you” - the middle segment where you can earn money and reach a wide range of consumers. Should I buy such a smartphone or not? On the one hand, supporting a Russian company in its endeavors is a noble mission. On the other hand, the market is full of smartphones of much more popular brands at a similar price and with the same functions.


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