The film "Voyager: Beyond the Planets" at the 360 ​​° Festival

40 years ago, with a difference of 15 days, two spacecraft were launched - Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Since then, life on Earth has changed beyond recognition, and the Voyagers continue to fly and transmit their scientific observations to their home planet. Voyager 1, the most remote man-made object (already 20 billion kilometers away) and one of the most successful scientific projects of mankind, has long earned a monumental biopic.

They became “Voyager: beyond the planets”, a two-hour journey along the “Voyagers” route - to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and further, to the borders of the solar system. Both devices carry gold discs with a message to aliens - in case the Voyagers suddenly have to face them on their way. The story of the discoveries made by the mission in the film is interspersed with the story of the creation of the disc-message - what kind of information did the earthlings of 1977 choose to send to possible neighbors in the universe?

The Voyager project looks surprisingly romantic today, in 2017, when humanity is stronger than ever, focused on itself. Meanwhile, while you were reading this paragraph, Voyager 1 managed to fly another 500 kilometers into the unknown.

Come to the 360 ​​° festival and watch! And do not forget to see the rest of the program.

The film will be shown on October 21 at 19.00 (Saturday) and October 26 (Thursday) at 20.30.


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