The fastest bike in the world: 145 km / h

The bike is called Eta, as the Greek symbol for efficiency in engineering. The special aerodynamic shape and coating, the ergonomic position of the cyclist and modern composite materials, such as carbon fiber, give maximum results. Rider Todd Reichart looks at the road with two cameras in a position optimized to maximize driving force, which simultaneously allows him to fit inside a small aerodynamic shell.

Eta also has an on-board computer, which gives Reichart a signal when you need to exert maximum effort. Thanks to these design features, the Eta is able to reach speeds typically characteristic only of internal combustion engines, and has managed to set a record of 145 km / h.

It is interesting that not so long ago the "female" record of cycling speed was broken when the American Denise Muller rode a bicycle at a speed of 236 km / h. It should be noted here that she was driving behind a large car that blocked the headwind, so that the Eta itself remains the fastest bicycle in the world.

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