Famous designer Luigi Colani dies

Luigi Colani was born on August 2, 1928 in Berlin and received the name Lutz at birth. His father was of Italian-Swiss descent, his mother was born in Poland. In 1946, he graduated from the Berlin Academy of Arts, after which he went to study aerodynamics at the Sorbonne. At the McDonnell Douglas aviation enterprise in California (USA), Colani conducted research in the field of ultrahigh speeds, designed sports cars in France, and in 1954 he was awarded the Golden Rose at the Geneva Motor Show for the design of the Fiat 1100 car.

In the 1960s, Luigi collaborated with the automobile brands Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Volkswagen and BMW, and since 1972, with the ThyssenKrupp, Boeing, Rosenthal, Rockwell International and Villeroy & Boch concerns. In 1972, he developed the design of the Eifelland Type 21 Formula 1 car, in 1973 - the world's first airplane made of plastic RFB Fanliner with a Wankel rotary engine. In 1983, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Kolani presented the Porsche 959, and in 1984 - the Canon HY-PRO camera with an electronic viewfinder, which formed the basis for the design of Canon cameras for the coming decades.

Then Luigi managed to develop a computer design for Vobis, made the futuristic Colani Pegasus Grand Piano grand piano, came up with the design of Carolinen-Brunnen water bottles, Dusar shower cabin, Kusch & Co furniture, as well as concepts for Porsche, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari brands and Ford. The designer’s portfolio consists of more than 4000 projects; during his life he managed to live and work in Europe, the USA and Japan. Since 2002, Kolani lived in the German city of Karlsruhe.


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