F-35 fighter set a new record

F-35B, an inconspicuous multifunctional American fifth-generation fighter-bomber with a short take-off and vertical landing, assigned to the Pendleton base located on the coast of Southern California near San Diego, took off from a Wasp-type universal landing ship and struck a surface target in the Pacific Ocean.

For the attack, GBU-32 and GBU-12 Paveway II laser-guided bombs were used. After that, the F-35B fighter-bomber returned to the ship, where it was refueled and loaded with ammunition again, after which it flew out to perform another combat mission and destroyed another surface target. The US Marine Corps does not report the exact time for the assignment, but states that it is a record short.

There is no data on how far from the base the Wasp landing craft was located, where the target was located or how long the fighter with a short take-off and vertical landing was fully loaded and reloaded. During the attack, the F-35B also used the GAU-22 air gun, which allows you to fire from four barrels at a speed of about 3300 rounds per minute.


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