Everything you need to know about the Boeing 737

A brief history of this invariably popular workhorse for civil aviation is presented in the video clip of the “Air View” channel. Despite all the problems of the latest generation 737, in 2019 at the air show in Le Bourget with Boeing several solid contracts were signed, including for this model. However, the result of the investigation of two major disasters that occurred with Max 8 is still unknown - in October 2018, the Lion Air board fell under Jakarta, and less than six months after the departure from Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed.

Undoubtedly, two catastrophes almost in a row became a serious blow to Boeing's reputation. In the photo there is a parking lot with sides of Southwest Airlines, in the park of which there is a significant number of 737 Max aircraft that will be “chained” to the ground even at least until the fall of 2019. Many orders were thwarted, and due to the inability to sell the problematic model, the Boeing was forced to store them even in parking lots.

There are many versions, but most experts are now inclined to believe that the decisive factor was a malfunction in the on-board pitch correction system (MCAS). Until now, in most countries of the world, flights of the 737 Max modification are either prohibited or restricted, however, in general, the 737 model still remains one of the most popular and reliable. Popular Mechanics recently wrote about how dangerous this aircraft really is.

On Friday, June 28, Bloomberg, citing the resigned Boeing programmer, said that low-skilled employees from India wrote pennies for the 737 Max. Outsourcing of IT specialists in many industries is widespread. No comments have been received from the world's leading manufacturer of civilian aircraft on this issue, nor is it known whether the quality of the software was the main cause of problems in crashed airliners. According to official figures, the software for all Boeing 737 Maxs has been updated taking into account any possible malfunctions in the MCAS system, which is considered guilty of catastrophes.

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