Euro NCAP convicted car manufacturers of cheating

In a series of crash tests, Euro NCAP and Thatcham found strange markings on the airbags and ISOFIX child seat mounts. In cars, the brands and models of which the British keep secret, handwritten inscriptions For crash test only ("only for crash test") and Euro NCAP only ("only for Euro NCAP") are found. This seriously warned experts, because theoretically this fact may indicate that manufacturers are preparing cars in a special way for crash tests.

Matthew Avery, the head of research at the Thatcham Center, said that details with suspicious markings on the topic of crash tests and Euro NCAP occur from time to time and, of course, they cannot but arouse suspicion against manufacturers. Most often, airbags are labeled, and all cases of detection of such parts are recorded and investigated. Experts even visited component suppliers or car manufacturers directly to ensure objectivity.

According to Avery, in 99% of cases there is a reasonable explanation for such markings. For example, one of the brands assures that cars for crash tests are really assembled separately, but only in order ... not to disrupt the terms of the crash test! Euro NCAP announces a series of future tests in advance, after which the manufacturer first of all assembles a batch of test machines “under the crash test” so as not to delay the experts. For them, details are marked - ostensibly to avoid possible confusion and delay.

However, neither Euro NCAP nor Thatcham can see all the details in the car, so some things can inevitably escape the attention of experts. But over the past few years, according to Matthew, the number of episodes with the markings found on the details has been declining. Last year, Euro NCAP celebrated its 20th anniversary by publishing over 630 ratings during this time. For two decades, more than 1800 cars were destroyed and more than 160 million euros were spent using a special technique, not including the cost of cars and other consumables.


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