Electromagnetic Grenades: Death to Electronics

Until now, only gamers have used grenades with an electromagnetic pulse

Such weapons, for example, are available to players in Quake

So far, an Internet search for the keywords “grenades” and “electromagnetic impulse” gives more links to sites dedicated to computer games and the same “Star Wars” than real weapons. Indeed, such a weapon first appeared in science fiction and only then did the developers actually embody it. This should not be confusing: the missile defense lasers, which are actively being created today (Avialazer), and non-lethal microwave emitters (the Pain Beam) have followed a similar path.

It is believed that for weapons with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), a magnetic flux compression generator is required, consisting of a stuffed explosive tube placed inside a copper winding. An instant before the detonation of a chemical charge, the current from the battery enters the winding and creates a magnetic field. The detonation of the charge propagates from the rear end of the tube to the front. The expanding tube touches the edge of the winding and causes a moving short circuit, which sharply compresses the magnetic field and at the same time reduces the inductance of the stator winding. As a result, a fast-growing current pulse is created, which breaks off before the final destruction of the device. The growth time is tens or hundreds of microseconds, and the peak value of the current strength is tens of millions of amperes. Compared to the resulting pulse, a lightning bolt looks like a cheap flash.

This idea has not been new for a long time - it’s true, for the time being, such ammunition is not in service.

Only recently, a representative of the American army confirmed that they have at their disposal a valid prototype EMR grenade, which does not differ significantly in size or mass from an ordinary grenade. “The purpose of such weapons, ” said Colonel Laurie Buckhout, “may be a building or a small settlement.” Having reached, say, the control point of the enemy’s troops, a soldier will be able to disable the entire command and control system with one such grenade (it is not known how much it makes sense: an ordinary grenade of the same caliber will put the CP out of action no worse). According to her, EMR grenades can be transferred for field trials next year.

Read more about electromagnetic weapons: “Robot Killers, ” “Mine Killers, ” and “Bombs That Don't Explode.”

According to DefenseTech.Org


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