Einstein's notes on happiness sold for $ 1.8 million

In November 1922, Albert Einstein traveled to Japan to give a series of lectures there. The news of the Nobel Prize awarded the scientist en route. His fame in Japan was so great that, according to geographers, the great physicist did not leave his room at the Tokyo Imperial Hotel. Then, in the wake of recognition, it occurred to him to write down several thoughts that were not related to science. These were notes about life and happiness - as they were understood by 43-year-old Einstein.

For several years, the recordings were lost. According to biographers, Einstein gave the papers to the courier, who brought a letter from a relative from Germany. Tipping tips in Japan was not accepted, but the scientist wanted to thank the employee, so, according to legend, handed him his notes saying that someday they would cost more than any, most generous tips.

On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, Tokyo Einstein's notes went under the hammer for $ 1.8 million at an auction in Jerusalem.

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success and eternal restlessness, ” is written in one of the notes. The cost of the document amounted to 1.56 million dollars; from the original $ 2, 000, the price has risen in less than half an hour.

“When there is a will, there is a way, ” said the second note, bought for 240 thousand dollars. When Einstein formulated these thoughts, he was already the most famous physicist in the world and the author of the General Theory of Relativity, predicted the existence of gravitational waves and gravitational lenses, described the state of matter at temperatures close to absolute zero, and invented a silent refrigerator. He did not have many scientific discoveries ahead, but there was a lot of personal and political struggle: contradictions with the new German government and moving to the USA, the struggle for nuclear disarmament, illness and death of relatives.


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