Hamilton and Interstellar: creating a legend

“Murph Clock” is a moving name the fans of the film gave the Hamilton watches used to create the picture, which became an integral part of the plot. In no other film, Hamilton's special connection with Hollywood was not so pronounced as in the film "Interstellar". According to the script of the film, danger loomed over humanity, and NASA experts are trying to find a way to relocate to another planet. A

Why did Squirrel and Strelka fly into space, and not Murka and Haze?

Perhaps the researchers were frightened by the independent behavior of the caudate-striped, which is very difficult to force to remain motionless - unlike the trainable dogs. In addition, a cat with its unique plastic structure of the musculoskeletal system was the worst human analogue than a dog and even more so primates

Can I go in flight from the passenger compartment to the luggage compartment?

For example, on the Airbus A330 in the cockpit there is a hatch, which you can open to go down the ramp to the bottom of the fuselage, where, among other things, there is a server room - the brain of the aircraft, which controls all avionics. At the far end of the server room there is a door that leads to the front of the luggage compartment

If you really want to, you can fly into space

How to become an astronaut? After school, it definitely won’t work out: that you need to have a specialist or master’s diploma and at least three years of work experience in a specialty. But in many ways, the requirements for modern candidates for the space squad have softened, compared with those put forward in Soviet times. In

What is the resolution of the human eye? Answers to amazing questions!

What is the resolution of the human eye in megapixels? Reliable and accurate estimates cannot be given because of the fundamentally different device structure of our vision apparatus and digital cameras. However, Roger Clark, an expert in photography, a researcher at the American Planetological Institute, carried out rough estimates of the resolution of the eye, receiving an impressive figure of 576 megapixels

Why do people hiccup? What cells of the body do not have DNA? Answers to amazing questions!

What is better for nature: to buy a living Christmas tree or artificial? This is a very complex question, which we will try to answer as simply as possible, based on the “carbon footprint” that a living and artificial tree leaves, that is, the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the product’s life cycle. Acco

Why do some birds walk while others jump?

In general terms, the rule looks like this: lighter birds usually jump, heavier ones save power and do not take their whole body off the ground, leaving support on one paw. A classic example is tits and finches. They are small and usually move irregularly. But there is, for example, such a bird as a wagtail

March 8, or the day the maker of the dishwasher was born

By the way, last year we talked about Raymond de Laroche, who on March 8, 1910 became the first woman aviator in history. Josephine Garis was born March 8, 1839 in Ohio. She was the daughter of John Garis, an engineer and inventor - in particular, John was the holder of a patent for one of the varieties of a steam boat

LEGO Group presents 5 new sets designed for the LEGO Star Wars anniversary

Star Wars was the first franchise to use which the LEGO Group acquired, and since then LEGO Star Wars has not left the rating of the most popular LEGO sets. They allow fans, regardless of age and place of residence, together to enjoy an exciting design experience. Since the launch of the line, 700 different sets have been presented (including 1, 000 LEGO Star Wars minifigures), five video games, several television and online shows, and many other thematic products

Alexander Grek about Cyberpunks and people's unwillingness to live in a technological future

Indeed, for all these, it seemed to me, amazing fruits of progress, we are forced to pay by the rapid acceleration of our lives. In my childhood, despite the fact that we also participated in school competitions and went to sports sections, we had a lot of time for backyard adventures, about which modern children can only read in the books of Gaidar or Dragunsky

The best series of "The Big Bang Theories" - summarize

In the evening of March 1, “TBV” will be shown in Moscow at the Luxor Center cinemas in the Golden Babylon and Hudson shopping centers on Kashirskoye Shosse, in St. Petersburg in the cinema complex of the network in the Continent shopping center, and in Novosibirsk in the multiplex in SEC "Gallery Novosibirsk". Th

Great Russian generals in the gallery of portraits from Ulysse Nardin

On June 22, 1945, the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the USSR Armed Forces I.V. was published in the central newspapers of the USSR. Stalin number 370: In commemoration of the victory over Germany in World War II, on 24 June 1945, in Moscow, on Red Square, I will appoint a parade of troops of the army, navy and Moscow garrison - Victory Parade

Will parallel mirrors create an infinite number of reflections?

No. Not a single mirror reflects 100% of the light, part of the light energy is necessarily absorbed, so that each subsequent reflection is dimmer and after a certain number of iterations of light is simply not enough to draw a distinguishable picture. In addition, to form each subsequent reflection, light travels more and more, and the picture becomes smaller

Why mammals usually have such a boring color

The first mammals were small burrowing animals that climbed out at night, so as not to get caught by a dinosaur. Vision, distinguishing colors well, they did not need. And if there is a problem with color vision (most mammals do not see green and red), then a multi-colored color will not, for example, be an element of sexual attractiveness and will not give advantages in increasing offspring (birds with color vision are much better)

The film "Voyager: Beyond the Planets" at the 360 ​​° Festival

40 years ago, with a difference of 15 days, two spacecraft were launched - Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Since then, life on Earth has changed beyond recognition, and the Voyagers continue to fly and transmit their scientific observations to their home planet. Voyager 1, the most remote man-made object (already 20 billion kilometers away) and one of the most successful scientific projects of mankind, has long earned a monumental biopic

New Year's selection of gifts from Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels city mega garage The large and beautiful Mega Garage HotWheels set is a toy with which the child will never be bored! After all, this is not only car parking, but also an exciting two-lane track with a springboard. Two cars are placed in a special booth at once. You need to twist the handle, and a toy elevator will deliver cars to the top of the garage

Questions and answers: is there liquid carbon? Is there gold on the moon?

Does DNA break down in plant or animal foods that we digest? DNA is a complex and not very strong molecule, so it would be natural to assume that when acid is processed in the stomach, the gene information contained in the cells is destroyed. Nevertheless, one relatively recent discovery refutes this assumption

To what height do helium-inflated balls rise? Answers to amazing questions!

To what height do helium-inflated balls rise? The flight of a balloon filled with light helium can end with one spectacular explosion - or slow fading. As you climb, the pressure around drops, the ball begins to inflate, the thin material of ordinary inflatable toys does not withstand and bursts. Another thing is special balloons from special, additionally reinforced materials

“KSI-2017 Megadrain”: how is the $ 1.5 million intelligence contest going

Last weekend in the suburbs there was an offline event "Megadruzhin", organized as part of the Creative Intelligence Competition (CSI), which we already talked about. One hundred successful CSI participants were introduced to the strategic partners of the Competition; The participants were representatives of Yota, Ecotel, Real Estate Hospitality and CBOSS

Where to read Popular Mechanics

1. You can subscribe to a classic paper magazine, it can be freely purchased at kiosks and shops throughout Russia and in most countries of the near abroad. This is ideal for lovers of warm tube Popular Mechanics and those who want to collect a collection. In the magazine you will find interesting articles on various topics, master classes and scientific and technical news

Alexander Grek about professions: a car or a man?

In my lifetime, people flew into space, jet transcontinental liners were created, televisions and thousands of other technical innovations appeared that made our life more comfortable and better. Before my eyes, a new technique began to destroy old professions: washing machines killed the profession of laundries, and dishwashers killed dishwashers

Questions and answers. May 2015

Why the commander of the crashed in the Alps A320 could not break the cab door? When you are in a passenger plane, the door to the pilot's cabin does not make the impression of an impregnable obstacle. But this is a misleading impression. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, the US Federal Aviation Administration released new standards for the design of the door, which (design) would prevent unauthorized entry to the control tools of the aircraft

The second project of the PM team? Venus Rover

The second project of the PM team? "Venus rover" . Authors of the project: Serdyuk Galina and Serdyuk Mikhail, Novosibirsk. The team participated in the All-Russian stage of the WRO of the past and the year before last in the main category. “Since we are long-time readers of this journal, and have been interested in robotics for almost 2 years, and it is Lego robots, when we saw the announcement of the Russian Engineering Thought contest, of course, we immediately wanted to take part.