Doomsday Vault in Norway to be repaired for the first time

The Norwegian government has allocated 100 million kroons (almost $ 13 million) to update and repair Doomsday Storage, the World Seed Store on Svalbard Island. A huge repository of seeds of agricultural and wild plants was built ten years ago among permafrost, behind the Arctic Circle, in place of an abandoned coal mine. Now, a new tunnel and a new technical building should appear at the storage, which will house a spare generator and other equipment, which is now inside the storage and gives absolutely unnecessary heat.

Additional capacities are created, inter alia, to protect against the effects of global climate change. Once the weather, unusually high for the Arctic, has already led to the melting of permafrost and a small flood in the storage. Fortunately, the seeds were not affected then.

The storage facility has already come in handy once: in 2015, part of the seeds was removed and transported to new storage centers in Morocco and Lebanon, created to replace the seed bank destroyed during the hostilities in Syrian Aleppo. Two years later, a crop was obtained from these seeds and the missing part was returned to Svalbard.


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