Do it yourself

How to make a gun from a lighter with your own hands

To do this, you will need a small plastic jar with a sealed lid, a lighter for a gas stove and a metal pipe, and from tools - a hot glue gun and a drill. A homemade gun can shoot metal balls for airguns or even makeshift arrows from nails!

How to open a tin can without a knife?

All you need is a metal spoon and a little patience. Place the jar on a stable surface and hold it firmly with one hand, and take a tablespoon in the other hand. Place the tip of the spoon over the inner edge of the lid, where there is a low rim that provides a tight can closure. Position the spoon on the inside of this rim and hold it so that the outside of the recess is directed toward the lid

How to make a stone ax and other stone age technologies

In the first video, he shows the manufacture of a Celtic stone ax with an ax. As always on this Australian video channel, everything happens strictly according to the precepts of the ancestors, and in the process of work only those materials and tools are used that were available to people thousands of years ago

Nuclear designer: reactor on the table

1. Stirling’s free-piston engine is powered by “atomic steam” heating 2. An induction generator produces about 2 watts of electricity to power an incandescent lamp 3. A characteristic blue glow is the Cherenkov emission of electrons knocked out of atoms by gamma rays. Can serve as a great night light! For

Glass melting in a homemade arc furnace: an unusual experience

If you have long dreamed of casting something out of glass, but you don’t have the time or money to buy a professional stove or visit a workshop, then we have good news. Grant Thompson, through experiment, successfully proved that a miniature home-made arc furnace is perfect for homemade glass casting.

Sewing machine and 100 of its inventors

The author of the first machine capable of making a real double seam is the famous but the most underrated American inventor Walter Hunt (among other things, he invented a safety pin). His machine began to use a sewing needle (with an eye at the tip) and a shuttle, but Hunt did not finish the development, believing that it would ruin the already rather poor seamstresses

How to download videos from Instagram

On Instagram, it’s more familiar to upload videos, and users of the social network have no problems with this. But sometimes there are situations when a video needs to be downloaded. And here there are difficulties, since officially Instagram does not have such a function. You can upload photos and videos as much as you like, like and write comments, but you can’t either repost someone else’s post you like or download content on Instagram without third-party applications or online services. How

How to Make a Mummy: Canning

Ice Man The most affordable way to long-term storage of a corpse is a freezer. The oldest undecomposed remains that have survived to our times, have been preserved precisely in the thickness of the ice. Ice instantly freezes the body and stops decomposition processes. It is in the regions of the Far North, in the permafrost zone, that the remains of mammoths are periodically found, sometimes quite well preserved

Swedish invention: how did the adjustable wrench appear

After working a year as a laborer, Johan entered the military service, after which he went to Eskilstuna, where he found a job at the Munktells factory, which produced agricultural machinery. However, the young man did not work there long either - in 1878 he moved to Vasteras, where he first worked in a mechanical workshop, and then as a blacksmith on a nearby farm

“Incorruptible Cashier”: The History of the First Cash Register

On the account of Sebastian there were several patents for the processing of agricultural products, in the same area John also noted, having patented a machine for cleaning and preserving corn. In addition, John designed an unusual ventilation system for one of the cafes - a fan of palm leaves installed on each table was set in motion by the water supplied through the pipes

DIY siphon

To do this, you need a carbon dioxide spray can, a syringe, a plastic bottle, a few fasteners, glue, paper, threads, a rubber glove and simple tools. Why is all this necessary if soda can be bought at any store? “It’s easier and cheaper to buy a bottle of water, not a can of carbon dioxide, ” agrees the author of the video, YouTube user Alokin AlokinAlokin. “But

How to store bread: some useful tips

Bread is one of the most popular food products in the world. It is easy to manufacture, it perfectly saturates a person, but at the same time it has a very significant drawback - a limited shelf life. Often, because of this, whole loaves and loaves have to be thrown out. It is worth noting that homemade baked goods are always stored less than industrial, because “store” bread always contains a set of preservatives. In

A suitcase on wheels: the history of the main invention of travelers

To alleviate their heavy share, one of the world's largest manufacturers of travel bags, Samsonite, in 1974 patented the design of a suitcase with wheels located in one of the corners of the plastic case. Pulling out the handle on the other hand, such a suitcase could be rolled in an inclined position

How to make a hidden camera from a regular smartphone

To do this, you need any smartphone with a camera that needs to be properly masked, leaving only a small “eye” of the lens outside. The gadget must be fixed in a suitable position and connect the charger to it. An application with a motion sensor function, for example, Motion Detector Pro, will turn a smartphone into a surveillance camera that turns on and takes pictures when someone appears in the frame. Mo

How to inflate a bubble in a bubble?

Extra large bubbles are blown out with the help of special solutions and devices. Each record holder keeps the composition of the brand solution in strict confidence. Sam Heath, for example, mixed his first solution in 1989 and since then has changed and modified the recipe more than fifty times. Thanks to many years of practice and knowledge in chemistry worthy of a doctorate in chemical sciences, it is Samsam who holds to date almost all “soap records” in the Guinness Book of Records. Fo

How to make gloves for touch screens yourself

There is nothing better than to impress relatives and friends with an original Christmas gift made by yourself. Such a thing, especially if it is useful, literally screams about how much you love a person. Today we will teach you how to make a seemingly simple, but literally irreplaceable thing in winter time: gloves that are recognized by the touch screen

How to make a spring crossbow with your own hands

The crossbow is good in that it surpasses the usual bow in firing accuracy and lethal force. The video demonstrates how to make a crossbow from simple materials. It will take a piece of pine wood, a pair of metal corners, springs, several rollers and simple tools.

Scientists burned diamond in pure oxygen

Diamond has the highest hardness among all minerals and the highest thermal conductivity among all solids. Its melting point is 3700–4000 ° C at a pressure of 11 GPa, in air the diamond burns out at 850–1000 ° C, and in a stream of pure oxygen the diamond burns at 720–800 ° C, turning into carbon dioxide. British

How to make a simple electromagnet with your own hands

All that is needed is a regular “finger-type” battery, a piece of copper wire, a nail, an insulating tape and a simple tool like wire cutters.

Arduino constructor: how to quickly learn how to work with electronic circuits

A lot of people in detail imagine how the car is arranged. Many even build their own cars, toy and real, making it their hobby. It is enough to disassemble the car engine once to see (and remember forever) the valves through which the cylinder is filled with fuel and air, a combustion chamber in which the mixture is ignited, rods and a crankshaft that cause the flywheel to rotate

8 things that should never be washed in the sink

Mask for the face In no case do not wash clay-based cosmetics into the sink. Its particles settle on the pipes, forming hard and hard to clean deposits. Over time, clumps of clay clog up the drain so much that only a complete replacement of the siphon and pipes can save your sink. Before starting to wash off your face mask with water, remove the main part of the product with a clean cloth

11 ridiculous inventions of the 20th century that now seem wild

Breast massager wash, 1930 Medicine says yes! You can keep your breasts in the same state, even after giving birth. Here is a serious and simple solution to this problem. All women are now simply obliged to buy HIS for themselves - a breast massager. Whiskey Toothpaste Toothpaste manufacturers suggest enjoying oral hygiene instead of resisting it

DIY camouflage weapons

To do this, you need three spray cans of paint for weapons - beige, brown and dark green (or olive) color, and duct tape. Before starting the painting, be sure to clean the weapon: due to dirt and dust, the paint will lie unevenly. Remember that you need to work with aerosol cans outdoors or in a well-ventilated area

How to transfer bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

Each Internet user has their own favorite browser, which stores a lot of useful information - from bookmarks to passwords. But sometimes you have to use another browser that does not have all of this. In fact, this problem can be solved in just a couple of clicks. Consider this issue using the example of Google Chrome, from which we need to transfer bookmarks to Mozilla Firefox

The longest bike in the world

Blogger Valery Petrov once again conducted an investigation and talked about the longest bike in the world: according to the Guinness Book of Records, it is longer than the longest limousine car, the length of which is "only" 30.4 meters. The bike is the work of a group of bicycle enthusiasts called Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg from the Netherlands

Magneto: what is it and who invented it

After graduating from a technical school in Ulm in 1879, Robert worked as a brazier for several months in the company of his older brother in Cologne, then gained experience in electrical engineering at the workshop of Wilhelm Fain (inventor of the electric drill) in Stuttgart and studied the design of the first chain knitting machine at the jewelry company Friedrich Rödiger.

How to clean car fabric seats

So, for this you will need a fabric cleaner, brush, microfiber towel, hard towel and vacuum cleaner. First of all, you need to carefully vacuum the seats, paying particular attention to the seams, in order to remove debris and accumulated dust from them. Then lightly spray the fabric cleaner onto the surface of the seat

How to clean white sneakers: a simple and effective life hack

Youtube channel Highsnobiety has released a detailed video tutorial on cleaning sneakers at home. It remains only to stock up on the necessary tools (or at least part of them) and patience. The material was first published on the website.

How to make a whistle from a sleeve with your own hands

A whistle is a device with a hole that makes a high-frequency sound when air is blown through it. The principle of its action is simple: the air flow in the inlet channel in the region of the gap is divided by the resonator edge into two flows. The lower stream describes a circle inside the resonator and, going up in the region of the slit, deflects the input stream up, interrupting the part of it that passes into the resonator

How to build a land hovercraft

The final design, as well as the informal name of our craft, we owe to a colleague from the newspaper Vedomosti. Seeing one of the test “take-offs” in the publisher’s parking lot, she exclaimed: “Yes, it’s Baba Yaga’s stupa!” This comparison made us incredibly happy: after all, we were just looking for a way to equip our hovercraft with a wheel and a brake, and we found a way ourselves - we gave the pilot a broom! In appearanc