Do it yourself: speaker made of neodymium magnet

The speaker uses the interaction between an alternating magnetic field generated by a wire coil and a constant magnetic field created by a neodymium magnet.

System Components:

- a large cylindrical neodymium magnet; - 2 meters of copper wire with a cross section of 0.5 mm; - disposable plastic plate; - four business cards (you can use playing cards); - two cables with crocodile clips.

You will also need pliers, a glue gun and, in fact, an amplifier or stereo system to which you plan to connect your speaker.

Step 1. Making a paper cylinder 2 cm high

The easiest way is to simply wrap the glue stick with paper tape, and then fasten the system on the outside with a thin strip of adhesive tape.

Step 2. Connect the cylinder and the plate

First, we wind the copper wire onto the cylinder, then we glue the resulting system to the plate.

Step 3. Connect the speaker to the audio system

We connect the speaker to the system using stereo connectors of the crocodile type, and then insert a neodymium magnet into the paper cylinder.

Step 4. We make two coasters from cards or business cards

Everything is ready! It remains to adjust the height of the stands and the position of the magnet to obtain more or less clear sound.

More information about the speaker can be found in the video.


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