DIY magnetic levitation

At the end of the video, the user of the Magnet Tricks channel makes it clear how this works. The top itself is two neodymium magnetic rings with a non-metallic plate between them and a copper wire on top for balance. The surface above which the spinning top hovers is a copper plate weighing 1 kg, under which there are four rings of ferrite magnets. One ferrite ring has a cohesive force of 10 kg, a height of 1.8 cm, an outer diameter of 11 cm, an inner diameter of 4.5 cm. The total height is 7.2 cm. The top itself weighs 13 g, its height is 3, 5 cm, diameter - 2.1 cm

Only this trick is not easy. It took the creator of the channel three weeks to find the optimal ratio of the weight of the top and the angle at which the ferrite rings should be. But you can repeat it.


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