The deepest mines in the world: part 2

Mine "Miner-Glubokaya" - a coal mining company in the city of Shakhtersk, Donetsk region. The main barrel was laid in September 1970, and the mine itself was commissioned in December 1986. Its depth is 1425 meters.

The Mponeng Mine is one of the deepest mines in the world, located near Johannesburg, South Africa. Its depth is 3777 meters, while the main activity of the mine is concentrated around the extraction of gold ore. She became famous for the fact that in 2002, scientists discovered in her a strain of a bacterium that lives due to the radiation of radioactive ores.

Western Deep Levels Mine is another mine in South Africa with a depth of 3900 m.

Witwatersrand Mine (African: Witwatersrand) is the world's largest uranium gold ore deposit. Located in the former province of Transvaal, southwest of Johannesburg. At this deposit receive 25-50% of all world gold. Its depth is more than 4500 meters, and the temperature in the workings reaches 52 degrees Celsius.

The Tau-Ton mine (Golden Lion) is the deepest mine in the world. It goes deep into the earth at 5, 000 meters, where miners mine ore with the highest concentration of gold - 9 grams per 1 ton. This huge complex is located a couple of tens of kilometers from Johannesburg.

The leading position in the deepest mines is, of course, South Africa. Not far from Johannesburg there are several of the largest gold mines in the world, annually producing more than 50% of the world's total precious metal mining.

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