Deadly Racing: Auto Tuning

Car Chevrolet Camaro car was not chosen by chance. The creators did not make an armored car based on the Ford Mustang, which is driven by the protagonist of "Death Race", in order to avoid problems with holders of rights to the film

Two machine guns are installed on the car: the German uniform MG-43 from the Second World War and the Soviet Degtyarev RP-46 of the 1946 model

Through armored shields covering the windshield, the driver sees practically nothing: as in a real tank, one has to be guided by instincts

The armor plate riveted to the rear window is real, but the grille was once part of either the window frame or the old fence ...

Rear bumper and taillights The massive bumper is dotted with bullet holes. “Everything is real, ” says Alexei Egorov. “We took off the bumper, shot it with a burst of Kalashnikov assault rifle and fastened it back.” For reliability, they shot at the bumper from several types of different-sized weapons, and also slightly distorted it with a sledgehammer. In fact, the car was made from what came to hand. Experts immediately recognize that the taillights of the armored car are one from the ZIL-130 cargo truck, and the second from the usual “loaf”, but it still looks very stylish

33 years later, in 2008, director Paul Anderson made a remake of Bartel’s painting. He transferred the action to prison, the armored cars in the new film "Death Race" from the picturesque and bright turned into dark and rusty, and the plot became frankly farcical. However, Anderson managed to maintain the atmosphere of the original quite successfully.

In the same year, several photos of a real city armored car appeared in the online media - the 1975 Chevrolet Camaro, made in the image and likeness of the road destroyers from Death Race. A year later, the car "surfaced" again, appearing at several shows and exhibitions of auto tuning. Nevertheless, there was practically no information about it, in addition to the fact that it was created by students of the Moscow Art and Industrial Institute (MKHPI).

Oddly enough, the car is in an ordinary garage in the Moscow region of Kuntsevo. The dreadnought, bristling with guns, looks strange among modern Fords or Renaults. Of course, you can’t just ride it around the city: the car has temporary registration numbers, turn signals are closed by an armored bumper, and the brightness of the blood-red headlights with glued skulls clearly does not reach the required norm.

Initially, the car was assembled in almost one night. Urgently needed a show car to show the famous fashion designer, and the movie "Death Race" was then at the peak of popularity. Designers of Moscow Art Institute immediately came to the necessary concept. A 1975 Chevrolet Camaro was found in the United States for several days, purchased and delivered to Moscow. There was a day left before the show - and during the night the car was turned into an armored car. They did it by the method of scientific poking: they welded the grill to the door, did not like it, welded another part, bent it somewhere, cut it somewhere. It was not possible to align the welded sills; aluminum sheets had to be riveted on top. Machine guns bought at a store supplying equipment for theater and cinema. One is the German MG-43, the second is the Soviet Degtyarev RP-46.

The car had three incarnations. The first is the same, 2008, when it was made in one night. There was no time to paint, and from the car they simply brutally peeled off the varnish and poured water to form a coating of rust. Somewhere covered with gray paint - what it was. For the Crocus Expo auto-tuning show in 2009, they made the second option: Camaro got an interior trim, a shot bumper, and the grilles on the windows were welded tightly (they hung on hinges). Finally, the armored car was boosted, because the native 5.7-liter 8-cylinder engine barely “pulled” the car, which became heavier from 1.5 to 3.5 tons. In April 2010, the show car changed appearance again. Today it is covered with professional airbrushing by Alexander Struchalin.

Well ... On the one hand, Chevrolet Camaro works by students of Moscow Art Theater - a beautiful show car. On the other hand, it is equipped with two-centimeter armor, two tape machine guns and bumpers with sharp protrusions for ramming. The forced engine accelerates the car to 50 km / h, and with its mass no obstacle can resist the armored car. Therefore, repeated attempts by suspicious individuals to buy a car for its intended purpose - for road wars - have real reasons.

The article was published in the journal Popular Mechanics (No. 6, June 2010). I wonder how a nuclear reactor works and can robots build a house?

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