Cubiio: the most compact laser engraver

Cubiio works by wirelessly connecting to a smartphone on which you need to install the special Cubiio App. Developers note that for starters in the program you need to select a picture or G-code or write something yourself; after that you need to place an object on which engraving will be carried out in front of Cubiio; further - preview and introduction of corrections; in conclusion, you just need to press START and enjoy.

Cubiio consists of a semiconductor laser generator and two mirrors that refract the beam along the x and y axes. The central processor translates the user's sketches into digital commands to partially deflect the mirrors. Then the focused laser spot will be projected onto the selected surface, along a simulated path. The developers note that this looks like a galvanometer, but they also used their own algorithm that successfully compensates for image distortion (the algorithm is patented: its details are not disclosed). Therefore, according to them, Cubiio is so compact and affordable.

As noted, Muherz startup has already raised about $ 200, 000 (with a stated goal of $ 25, 000). It is expected that deliveries will begin in November this year. You can familiarize yourself with the device and instructions for its operation on the project page on Kickstarter.


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