Cro-Magnons survived because they dressed warmly

Perhaps it was the needle and the ability to sew clothes that allowed our ancestors to survive the ice age.

Neanderthals became extinct about 40, 000 years ago. Scientists still cannot come to a consensus about what caused their end. Cro-Magnons who did not surpass Neanderthals in physical strength survived the ice age, but their relatives did not. A recent study by an international group of archaeologists suggests that the reason for this was the choice of warm clothing.

In the campsites of Cro-Magnons often find bones of animals with thick fur - rabbits, minks and foxes. An analysis of these findings suggests that the Cro-Magnons sewed fur coats from their skins. At 56 sites, fragments of the skeleton of a wolverine were also discovered, the fur of which the indigenous peoples of the north are still using for sewing clothes. On the sites of Neanderthals, the bones of fur animals are not found.


“Wolverine is the best option for winter clothing. It protects from the wind, worn for a long time and retains heat, ”commented author of the study, Mark Collard, an archaeologist at the University of Aberdeen. The scientist believes that the wardrobe of the fur coats contributed to the fact that the Cro-Magnons survived the ice age. In addition to the fact that Neanderthals did not fresh the wolverines, they still did not know how to sew: at the sites of their sites, archaeologists do not find bone needles, thimbles and scrapers for skins, which are found in abundance in the sites of ancient people of the modern type. Most likely, Neanderthals simply threw themselves skins, while Cro-Magnons sewed tight-fitting clothing that better protects from the cold.

Insufficiently warm clothing not only creates inconvenience and threatens frostbite and colds; she also reduced the “working day” of Neanderthals to several hours, when the sun is at its zenith. In addition, Neanderthals froze faster in an ambush, which is why they were less fortunate to hunt, and their colds more often died. All these factors in total could give people of the modern type a huge advantage over Neanderthals.


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