Created a powerful contraceptive gel for men

The National American Institute for Child Health and Human Development announced that it has begun clinical trials of birth control gel for men since April. The tests will involve more than 400 couples from the United States, Italy, Kenya, the UK and Sweden.

All previous means of this kind for men had many side effects and failed tests. Scientists hope that the new drug will be completely different.

The active ingredients of the gel are nonsterone, a variant of progesterone, and a synthetic form of testosterone. Nesteron will not allow the body to produce testosterone, which the body needs to produce sperm. Synthetic testosterone also allows you to replace the loss of natural to restore hormonal balance, but at the same time does not produce sperm.

The gel is rubbed into the forearms and shoulders - about half a teaspoon of the substance every day - since for its use it is necessary to cover the maximum amount of skin. Active substances slowly penetrate into the blood, but unlike tablets, they remain in the body for a long time, without breaking up instantly.

Men participating in the trials will be given a large gel bottle that they will need to use every day. Researchers notice that it dries in one minute. A sharp decrease in sperm production begins within approximately 72 hours. In the first four months of testing, women in a pair are prescribed to use female contraceptives, and men will regularly measure sperm levels in men. After that, couples will be advised to use the gel exclusively for at least a year.

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