Crazy acceleration of Bugatti Chiron to 400 km / h

Think about what you can do in 30 seconds. Get in the car, start the engine and fasten your seat belt? To park by the road? Not bad. But the Bugatti Chiron can do much more: accelerate from zero to 400 kilometers per hour in just 32.6 seconds. Yes, in the standard mode, the speed of the French hypercar is electronically limited at 381 km / h, but with the help of the second ignition key, an extreme mode is activated in which the car can reach 420 km / h.

In fact, according to Bugatti test pilot Andy Wallace, under suitable conditions, the 1500-strong Chiron is quite capable of accelerating to 450 kilometers per hour, which is 19 km / h faster than the Veyron Super Sport hypercar, which showed 431 km / h back in 2010 year. But acceleration is far more impressive than top speed.

Judge for yourself: the car needs only 2.4 seconds to catapult to 100 km / h and 6.5 seconds to overcome the mark of 200 km / h. The car accelerates to 300 km / h in 13.6 seconds - some cars today are able to accelerate during this time only to “hundreds”. And finally, as shown in this video, the breathtaking 400 km / h Chiron picks up in some 32.6 seconds.


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