Craziest Rubik's Cubes: Amazing Videos

You can't keep up with these robots! Back in 2014, we showed you the Cubestormer 3 system, which set a record for high-speed assembly of the Rubik's Cube - only 3.253 seconds. But these are flowers: already in 2016, the device of Jay Flatland and Paul Rose overcame the psychologically important mark in one second, collecting a cube for 0.9. We did not have time to talk about it - after all, the installation of Edam Beer also beat this result! Admire: the holder of the new title of champion in the high-speed collection of the Rubik's Cube, the Sub1 robot and its 0.887 seconds of fame. Try to be in time until this record is surpassed - and try not to blink, otherwise you will miss everything.

However, to assemble a Rubik's cube created by Tony Fisher is not even within the power of Sub1. “Not within the power” in the truest sense of the word: this fully functional copy has faces 156 cm long, so it takes more than one hour to assemble it. But to apply the well-known trick of breaking out parts instead of assembling according to the algorithm is especially difficult here. According to Fisher himself, in the process he managed to somehow break the model, so that the application submitted to the Guinness Book of Records remains in limbo until the author fixes his cube.

Tony Fisher is one of the recognized stars among fans of the Rubik's Cube and all kinds of puzzles based on the same principles. The inventor has a lot of the most incredible models, with a different number of faces and parts, with dozens of colors, “professional” cubes for high-speed assembly, and even those that cannot be called cubes. In fact, in the game world such puzzles are called megaminks. We were most impressed by the strange hybrid connecting three megaminks at once, which even individually are considered the most difficult to assemble - three pentaminxes with 12 pentagonal faces of 7x7 parts in each. It is difficult to understand how this monster can be assembled at all, but, in any case, it “spins” and works.

By the way, almost anything can be turned into something like a Rubik's Cube. Columbia University students Timothy San and Chanyi Zhen have developed a program that needs an initial 3D model of the subject and instructions on which planes and how many details to “cut” it into. The system itself will figure out how to turn this into a puzzle and issue ready-made instructions for a 3D printer.

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