Conspiracy Theory and Practice: A Foil Cap Does Not Help

Three models of tested foil hats: Classic, Fez, Centurion

Experimental setup

For quite some time there have been “theories” that governments and special services of some countries use powerful satellites to monitor citizens of interest to them from orbit, and, if necessary, to read their thoughts, and even inspire the necessary ones and control their behavior.

The cap of at least two layers of thin aluminum foil is considered to be the most recognized means of countering this vicious practice. It (like) should reflect all the control radio signals of secret satellites.

However, the work carried out according to all the rules of scientific research by a group of MIT students led them to the opposite conclusion: foil caps, on the contrary, amplify radio waves of certain frequencies and thereby only facilitate the work of the treacherous government. But to shield the signals with sufficient efficiency, none of the three models of caps they tested was unable. However, first things first.

The authors tested the three most popular models of foil caps, which they conventionally called "Classics", "Fezkoy" and "Centurion" (see illustration). All caps were folded from two layers of Reynolds brand aluminum foil. A radio signal with a frequency from 10 KHz to 3 GHz was created by an omnidirectional antenna connected to an Agilent 8714ET circuit analyzer generator. The same analyzer and directional antenna were used to detect and register the signal.

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At different stages of the experiment, the receiving antenna was installed in 4 areas of the head of the volunteers - in the area of ​​the frontal, occipital and temporal lobes of the brain. The signal was recorded both in the foil cap and without it.

Brave researchers have shown that for all models of hats there is not attenuation, but a significant amplification of the signal at frequencies of 2.6, 1.2 and about 1.5 GHz, regardless of where the receiving antenna is located.

It is instructive that these frequencies are by no means given to harmless radio stations. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), frequencies in the region of 1.2 and 1.5 GHz are reserved in the United States for the needs of radio navigation and satellite communications, and 2.6 GHz for mobile communications. It does not take much imagination to make an obvious conclusion: wearing foil caps not only does not interfere, but even helps the United States government control and zombie citizens. Perhaps it is his hand that should be seen behind the myth that such hats protect against signals from satellites. The myth that science once again brilliantly refuted.

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