Compact flamethrower for only $ 699

Of course, you can use the device only where such toys are allowed by law. For example, in the states of Maryland and California, flamethrowers are prohibited. In other states of the USA there will be no problems with the law. The XM42 flamethrower was created for civilian purposes and cannot be used as a weapon, the manufacturer notes and adds that it is not the weapon that kills the person, but the one in whose hands it is located.

There is no special technological breakthrough in the XM42, however, it is the first flamethrower in the world that does not have an external fuel tank - an indispensable accessory for all other models. "Easy and fun" ("easy and fun") - this is how developers present their offspring, shooting fire at almost eight meters.

The scope of the XM42 is very wide: it includes burning weeds that make their way through the cracks between the tiles, burning ice and snow, destroying insects, lighting a fire ... and indeed, the XM42 is just a cool device that will delight you and your friends .

The cost of the XM42 is $ 699 for a model from ordinary brushed aluminum or $ 799 for a model with a unique coloring.


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