Cognitive Alpaca Facts: A South American Treasure

1. Alpaca is a South American camel family pet. Alpacas live in the Andes at an altitude of 3, 500-5, 000 meters, in Ecuador, southern Peru, northern Chile and western Bolivia. These creatures were domesticated about 6, 000 years ago by the Indians of Peru. First of all, alpaca is valued for its wool, from which blankets, clothes and much more are made.

2. Until 2001, alpaca was mistakenly classified as a llama. But recent studies have shown that the ancestors of alpacas were vicunas. By the way, when crossed, llamas and alpacas give offspring called Huariso, and vicuñas and alpacas called Paco-Vicuña.

3. Alpaca - animals are not very large : their growth does not exceed one meter, they weigh about 70 kg. The color scheme of alpaca wool is very diverse: there are two dozen shades - from boiling white to brown and even black.

4. By nature, alpaca is a very shy and very smart animal that does not like to show aggression. In this sense, alpaca is very different from llamas who are not averse to spitting on or offending the offender. Alpaca gets along well with humans.

5. There are two subspecies of alpaca - this is Suri (Suri) and Huacaya (Wakaya). In the first, the wool is very long and therefore more valuable, and the subspecies itself is considered rare. The second coat is much shorter, so alpacas look like plush toys.

6. Up to two years, alpacas graze peacefully and feed on vegetation, then they begin to cut: once a year, removing 3-4 kg of wool. They try to shoot moderately, because alpaca can simply freeze. The hair that the animal gives up to 10 years is the softest, silky and expensive. The hair of animals older than 10 years (the alpaca lives about 25 years) is coarser and thicker, it is allowed on the production of carpets and rugs. By the way, sometimes llamas are used as shepherds who watch for alpacas.

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