Cocktail 007: Mix but not Shake

In honor of the centennial of Jan Fleming, the creator of the famous 007 Agent, Professor Charles Spence and Dr. Andrea Sella will reveal the secrets of James Bond in a lecture given at the Cheltenham Science Festival, an event from series "physicists joke." Humor humor, and all the tickets for the lecture have already been sold.

For the first time, Canadian students from the group of professor John Trevithick drew attention to the request to “mix, but not shake” vodka and martini. To, as they say, to feel the difference, the researchers conducted a series of experiments with gin and martini separately and with a cocktail of gin and martini. (One can only guess why the authors analyzed gin, while James Bond preferred a mixture of vermouth and vodka). It turned out that the cocktail inactivates hydrogen peroxide, which is a source of free radicals associated with aging and tissue damage. Any of the main ingredients of the classic (not Bond!) Martini (vermouth and gin) did this much less effectively. Moreover, the “mixed” version of the cocktail turned out to be almost two times more effective than the “shaken” one.

The mechanisms underlying this effect are unknown, but the authors suggested that the drink contains some kind of antioxidant, the activity of which decreases with vigorous shaking. Olives traditionally added to a cocktail may have this effect, however, this option was not considered due to the difficulty of modeling the experiment. So, the authors of the study concluded that James Bond owes his excellent health to the compliment of bartenders.

Dr. Sella claims that mixed martini is not only healthier, but tastier than scrambled. This is due to the content of more microscopic particles of ice, giving the drink a unique flavor. Scientists plan to test his hypothesis at the festival, where he will have no problems with those who want to participate in "clinical trials." In addition, pundits and their many audience assistants are studying the effect of carbonation, color, serving, the sound of background music and other factors on the benefits a person gets from sipping alcoholic cocktails.

You can read about other amazing and incredible ways to spend the money allotted to science in our article dedicated to the IgN Nobel Prize (“Scientist Laughter”). Well, fans of the agent himself at the service of Her Majesty will definitely like the article “Super Arsenal Arsenal”, which talks about technological “things” that helped Bond in his hard and dangerous work.

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