Clothing “grows” with the child: a new invention

Petit pli

The James Dyson Award is an international award in industrial design and engineering design. The competition involves students and recent graduates who present inventions that can solve everyday human problems.

Children's clothing designed by Yasin is made of waterproof fabric, whose folds are straightened along with the growth of the child; clothes can be washed in the washing machine. The inventor named the Petit Pli line and developed more than 500 prototypes (he plans to use the money received for the victory for further business development).

Petit pli

Yasin believes that new clothes will be useful not only for parents. Thus, the mass production of things with a limited lifespan also harms the environment - due to waste, water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Now Yasin’s invention will participate in the final stage of the competition; the winner will receive £ 30, 000.

The winner of the Russian stage of the James Dyson Award was Artyom Zenchenko, a graduate of the Academy. S. G. Stroganova (MGHPA). He designed a robotic complex for cleaning squares and parks.

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