Cloning of pets put on stream

Sinogene Biotechnology Company

The first successful cat cloning in China was officially recorded on July 21, 2019, when a kitten named Garlic was born. He was cloned by Sinogene Biotechnology Company from Beijing, according to the publication ZOL. The same company successfully cloned a dog two years ago, showing the world a puppy named Lun Lun.

To create a clone, it is necessary to obtain an animal cell, which is going to reproduce, and then transfer it to a surrogate mother. As Lai Liangxue, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, explained, the whole procedure takes about two months.

Zhao Jiangping, deputy head of Sinogene Biotechnology Company, emphasized that now everyone can order the cloning of their dogs ($ 54 thousand) and cats ($ 35 thousand). There are already customers - several people have booked the opportunity to clone their cat after her death.

The Sinogene Biotechnology Company notes that at the moment, cloning allows you to fully reproduce the appearance of the animal, but the character will have its own character. In the future, the company intends to use artificial intelligence to transfer the character and the memories of its prototype to the clone.

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