Chinese authorities confirm the birth of genetically modified children

He first reported on his developments in November and disappeared almost immediately afterwards, which increased interest in his person and business. The following month, genetics was seen at a university hotel under the protection of people in civilian clothes from an unknown department.

Now the Chinese authorities are reporting two things. First, the result of the experiment was the birth of two twins. “Xinhua” cites their names: Lulu and Nana, however, their reliability can be doubted. It is reported that the children are under medical supervision, but their condition is not specified. Also reported about the pregnancy of another participant in the experiment - she has not yet given birth.

Secondly, He Jinkui will be punished. The agency does not make assumptions about its future fate, nor does it specify the rules of the law on the basis of which this can be done. But the message says a lot about the fact that the scientist acted arbitrarily and “deliberately avoided supervision”, and his university had nothing to do with it.

According to today's results of the investigation, starting in June 2016, He Jiankui privately organized a project team with the participation of foreign personnel introducing human embryonic genes for reproductive purposes. From March 2017 to November 2018, He Jianqui involved eight pairs of volunteers (HIV-infected men and healthy women) in the experiment. One of these couples subsequently left the experiment, and five others failed to get pregnant on time.

The scientist said that the twins born managed to create resistance to HIV infection by disabling the CCR5 gene. He spoke about his work in an interview with the Associated Press, there is no scientific article on his research or independent evidence of his results yet.

We wrote about He Jiankui and his experiment last November, after the first reports of his success.


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