All-terrain vehicles of Alexei Garagashyan: new Kulibin

However, nothing of the imagination happened. The descent was gentle, smooth, we did not roll over and did not break our necks. The car is unusual. And with an unusual name - “cheburator”. And behind the wheel, that is, no, behind the levers of the “cheburator”, Alexei Garagashyan is a real guru among enthusiasts of snow and swamp-making in St. Peters

Military SUVs of the world: issue 1

In English terminology, this type of car is called MLUV (military light utility vehicle), that is, "light military universal vehicle." We sometimes say “light military SUV”, although this is not an exact definition. This class appeared during the Second World War, although prototypes existed before. Th

Sword: Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Excalibur test

In its class, the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 still maintains strong leadership - last year, just over nine thousand SUVs found buyers. Of course, this is an excellent result, but in order to maintain interest in the model, Toyota regularly comes up with some special series. For example, now this is the version with the formidable name Excalibur

What is turbocharging and how does it work

Turbocharging is one of the methods to increase engine power, and the main element of the system is a turbocharger or a turbocharger with a mechanical drive. In the case of a turbocompressor, the flow of exhaust gases enters the impeller of the turbine, spinning it along with the compressor forcing air into the engine cylinders

10 Italian racing cars

At different times in Italy there were up to hundreds of companies producing racing cars of various classes - “formulas”, sport prototypes and so on. Let's do a quick review! Tatuus. A successful manufacturer of chassis for the younger "formulas", selling their cars from 1980 to the present day. On

Antisensor: Lexus LX 570 test

It would seem that everyone has a good Lexus LX 450d diesel SUV, but in equipment it is seriously inferior to its petrol relative LX 570. For example, it does not have a sunroof, a third row of seats and an additional fuel tank, so we decided to take the properly packed 570th and evaluate how all this affects its consumer qualities

Mercedes-AMG GT S vs Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS: drag race

The Mercedes-AMG GT S, which participated in the race, is equipped with a four-liter twin-turbo V8, capable of delivering 515 horsepower and 670 Nm of torque, and has rear-wheel drive. The Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, which participated in the race, is equipped with a three-liter twin-turbo I6, capable of delivering 444 hp

Dynamic Autobiography: Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic Test

According to the ranking table, the SVAutobiography nameplate is only used by Range Rover's flagship models. But if before it could only be seen on an elongated modification, now it has appeared on a short-base version, which in addition has also received the “name” Dynamic. And at the same time, a five-liter compressor V8 with a capacity of 550 horsepower! Ra

Car Muffler: A Humane Approach

If you believe the press service of Eureka Aerospace, the work of their gun will look something like this ... Eureka Aerospace is already in full swing testing the working prototype of the HPEMS gun (High Power Electromagnetic System, “High Power Electromagnetic System”). The device has dimensions of 150x90x30 cm and weighs 90 kg - you can’t put such a thing in your pocket, but it can be easily installed on the roof of a car (police car, for example) or, say, on tank armor. The

Test drive tricycle BRP Can-Am Spyder

So what is a BRP Can-Am Spyder, car or motorcycle? On the one hand, in terms of ease of handling, stability in cornering, level of comfort, finally, cost and even the volume of the trunk, the Spyder is a kind of sports convertible. No wonder the BRP themselves call the car a roadster. And dry statistics confirm this: 27% of tricycle buyers have never owned a motorcycle in their life

The most beautiful cars: Duesenberg

In the 1920-30s, the name Duesenberg was almost a household name. These were the most popular luxury cars, not only in America but throughout the world - almost every rich person or member of the monarch's family always had a Düssenberg in their garage. The car bodies for the company were developed by both the chief designer of the company, Gordon Byrig, and private body workshops in the USA and Europe.

The most beautiful cars: Iso

Immediately after the war - from 1948 - the Italian engineer Renzo Rivolta began to produce motorcycles. And five years later he founded the company Iso and introduced the Isetta microcar. Iso Isetta has become a revolution in the field of urban transport and in general among mini-cars. The license for the microcar was almost immediately acquired by the BMW concern, which began to produce it as the BMW Isetta

Arctic barge hauler: Russian all-terrain vehicle for the north

Lake Shuvakish on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg once had an almost round shape, but nowadays, about half of it remains - everything else has turned into a swamp, covered with reeds where and with stunted birches and bushes. “Well, with God!” Says auto designer Aleksey Makarov, who is driving, and a huge car with almost flat wheels rolls out from the flat coast into the coastal reeds. A

How to lift a fallen motorcycle

In biker circles, the very statement of the question, and even more so, our test can be considered sacrilege: they say, it is better to learn to ride without falling than to drag crumpled motorcycles. A fall is fraught with costly repairs of the "iron friend", and even injuries to the driver

651: legendary soviet bus

1949, the original GZA-651. The difference between buses created at different factories often consisted of markings squeezed out on the hood. Here - “Automobile them. Molotov "(that is, GAZ). On a later version of the GZA-651, the marking was different - they wrote the Gorky Automobile Plant. 1951 year.

Belkommunmash: what do you know about Belarusian trolley buses?

Like the lion's share of plants in the territory of the former USSR, Belkommunmash was formed not for production, but for repair of equipment. It was founded in 1973, and it was then called the Minsk Repair Tram and Trolleybus Plant. Later it was renamed the Mechanical Repair Plant (RMZ). The plant served all the electrical equipment not only in Minsk, but also in the BSSR as a whole

9 Russian and Belarusian scooters

ABM (St. Petersburg). The company, existing since 1996, is a dealer of a number of foreign brands, and also produces scooters, mopeds, ATVs and so on under its own brand. In total, there are 22 scooters in the line, and the picture shows the budget model ABM Storm SL. Stels (Lyubertsy). One of the largest Russian manufacturers of bicycle and motorcycle equipment, Velomotors, has existed since 1996, it has been building its own models since 2003, but, strangely enough, there is only one scooter in its lineup - the Stels Tactic 150 (pictured)

10 cars from Romania: what did Dracula ride

If Count Dracula was indeed an immortal vampire and lived to see the automobile era, he would have plenty to choose from without sacrificing patriotism. At different times in Romania, many interesting and quite sometimes unknown cars were produced and are being produced. Let's start with the classics

The most unexpected car accessories with Aliexpress

Attention! When purchasing goods, the installation of which is supposed to be on car safety elements or controls, be sure to ensure that they do not interfere with the performance of their functions and do not interfere with driving! For lovers of the domestic auto industry A stylish keychain with the inscription Lada or the logo in the form of a legendary boat will decorate the keychain of the owner of the car of this brand

10 little-known "Cossacks"

ZAZ-966 (1961) . The ZAZ-966 model (“eared”) was included in the series only in 1967, but its first prototypes appeared in 1961, shortly after the 965th was put on the conveyor. In the picture - the second prototype. The future serial 966th is already guessed at the back, the design of the front part differs radically. ZA

Four Wheel Chopper: Muscle Car

In fact, the Camaro image will be incomplete if you consider it in isolation from the price. One of the most important criteria for a pony car class is accessibility. The base Camaro in the United States is comparable in value to a budget sedan in a good configuration. A large spectacular coupe with a 3

The new "Gelendvagen" climbed the "Mountain of Legends"

Contrary to the widespread prejudice among the townsfolk that the new Gelendvagenes, especially in the AMG versions, never leave the asphalt, we went to Sochi to open an off-road track called “Mountain of Legends” to frolic there in the new generation G-class ! In early July of this year, Mercedes-Benz opened the first and only in Russia its own off-road track called “Mountain of Legends”, built specifically for testing the new G-class. It was

The very first and newest racing KAMAZ trucks: visual photo

The material was prepared by the friendly editors of The participants of the annual general meeting of shareholders of KAMAZ PJSC were presented with a historical exposition of the KAMAZ-master team dedicated to the team’s 30th anniversary. Two cars from the exposition were first put on public display.

10 Turkish cars: crescents and stars

In Soviet times, the Turkish brand Tofaş, a direct analogue of the Togliatti VAZ, which produced copies of the Fiat 124. under license, was also more or less known. Otokar buses are also more or less heard - they are even found in Russian cities. But what else exists in Turkey in the automotive industry?

10 most expensive supercars in the world

Zenvo ST1 (1.2 million dollars). Created by Danish company Zenvo Automotive, this sports car impresses with its power. 6.8 liter V8 engine with turbocharger and mechanical compressor, 1104 hp ST1 is notorious for criticism from the Top Gear program, where during the tests the supercar showed insufficient speed and even caught fire once

What acceleration to 100 km / h can a person withstand?

As you know, acceleration is a physical quantity that determines the change in speed over time. Usually we measure it in terms of the acceleration of gravity, which is numerically equal to the force of gravity on the surface of the Earth. The acceleration of gravity is denoted by the letter g and varies from 9

How is a fire engine arranged?

The highly maneuverable fire-rescue vehicle Povorot (PSA-P for short) was designed and manufactured at the Vargashinsky fire-fighting and special equipment plant on the IVECO-AMT Trakker 6339 chassis. To tell you the truth, from IVECO he got nothing at all: the driver’s cab and 380-strong motor. The rear axle of the specially designed chassis has been made steered.

nanoFlowcell: a car that will “kill” oil

Nuncio la Vecchia, technical director and visionary of the Liechtenstein company nanoFlowcell, is a master at making such loud statements that the hairs on his head stand on end. Evaluate the power of the message: "Our methodology of focused research has allowed us to break through the barriers established by quantum chemistry

10 most unusual papamobiles

Typically, a papamobile is built on a base chassis by a specialized bodywork company. The papamobile must have extensive glazing so that Papa can stand inside and greet the audience, and the windows are most often armored. In general, the peculiar requirements of the Vatican gave rise to a whole genre of automotive industry

Popular Formula: Aerodynamics

Controlling airflow on the track and on the road Over the 50 years during which aerodynamic research has helped the evolution of aircraft, from the Wright brothers to the Boeing 707, automakers have not paid attention to this subject. The situation began to change in the 1950s, when cars began to struggle with air resistance Conflicts around Formula 1 tires The Formula 1 regulatory authority (FIA) once again shook the basics by introducing new tire measurement rules