10 real american trucks

Kenworth (Kirkland, Washington, 1923- ...). One of the most famous brands of trucks, now owned by the Paccar concern. The company itself appeared in 1912, but at first it was not involved in production, but was only a dealer in sales of automotive equipment. It was called Gerlinger Motor Car Works, and in 1915 released its first own truck under the brand name Gersix

Acceleration of the 5,000-strong hypercar Devel Sixteen: video

Last fall, the Arab company Devel Motors presented the Sixteen hypercar, equipped with a 12.3-liter V16 engine with four 81-mm turbines, which, according to the developers, will be able to produce 5, 000 horsepower. It was claimed that to the first “hundred” the car will be able to accelerate in 1.8 s

10 mining trucks: almost all manufacturers in the world

In fact, the demand for mining trucks in the world is very small. With this, the machines, once sent to the quarry, have been working there for decades, without requiring replacement. In particular, because repairs are much cheaper - mining trucks are usually assembled by hand in very small batches. In the past, there were other manufacturers that are now liquidated, in particular, Euclid (1924−1968), Unit Rig (1935−1960), Bucyrus (1880−2011). Some

10 Russian tractors: our fields are our cars

The most popular tractor in Russia is, of course, Belarus. It is not only supplied from the fraternal state, but also produced under license at several factories in Russia. We also have licensed production, for example, German Claas and a number of foreign tractors. But today we’ll talk about our own tractor production - our brand, our tractor.

10 Canadian cars: yes, cars are also made in Canada

However, there really were very few of them, and basically they obeyed the captive import strategy. This is a situation when a major automaker creates a subsidiary abroad, under the brand of which it manufactures its products, but at the same time the company and the name under which the products are sold are local

10 modifications of the goat UAZ-469

Today we will talk only about Soviet variations and only about cars that had an index of 469. It is clear that the index and model name have repeatedly changed - the modified version was called UAZ-3151, there were many other notations. But here we confine ourselves to classics. Only 469, only the USSR, only hardcore

8 Iranian cars: not only Samand

For some time Samand cars went for export to Europe and Russia, which generally opened for us the existence of car plants in Persia. Nevertheless, in addition to Samanda, there are other brands that are widely diverging within the country and abroad. Actually, Samand is a trademark used by Iran Khodro Corporation

Russian all-terrain vehicle "SHERP" stuck in Texas

The unique SHERP snow and swamp vehicle was developed by engineer and athlete Aleksey Garagashyan. The Russian all-terrain vehicle with a length of 3.4 meters, a width of 2.5 meters and a height of 2.3 meters can drive, overcoming any obstacles up to 70 centimeters high, swim and move on any surface thanks to the awesome 63-inch tires and a wheel inflation system

KrAZ: unusual cars of the Kremenchug plant

The plant in Kremenchug was founded in 1945, but until the end of the 50s specialized in agricultural machinery. Only in 1959 did the first two KrAZ-222 trucks leave the factory gate. Surprisingly, KrAZ is one of the few Soviet factories that not only survived all the turmoil of the 90s and 2000s, but also successfully produced a huge one - more than a hundred models

How is the battery of the car Tesla Model S

Let's look inside the battery of an electric car Tesla Model S and find out how it is arranged. According to the North American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Model S is enough for a single charge of 85 kWh batteries to cover more than 400 km, which is the most significant indicator among similar cars on the specialized market

10 Chinese motorcycles: cheap and cheerful

Lifan (Chongqing). One of the largest Chinese manufacturers of cars, trucks, motorcycles. The company was founded in 1992, since 2005 it has been engaged in auto and motor equipment. The strategic partner of Lifan is the world-famous motorcycle brand MV Augusta, their experts monitor quality and help in development

10 Russian bikes: what to take from our

Stels (Lyubertsy). The largest and most famous Russian bicycle brand, widely operating including for export. Mountain, BMX, two-suspension, folding, city, tourist, women - in the range of bicycles for all occasions, several hundred models. Quality is nothing at all, especially considering the very low prices

10 Soviet bicycles: we are nostalgic for the departed

In fact, every Soviet bicycle factory had some specific “brands”. But some, such as Eaglet, became common and produced at different plants in different union republics. "Stork". The brand of the Minsk Motor Plant (MMVZ), founded in 1947. Interestingly, MMVZ exists to this day and perfectly produces modern bikes under the same brand - Aist, it is simply located in another country, Belarus. &q

10 Russian and Belarusian ATVs

Oddly enough, quad building is very well developed. Some Russian firms compete quite successfully with industry leaders, especially as regards utilitarian, powerful off-road ATVs. What Russian and Belarusian ATVs can I buy right now? Russian Mechanics (Rybinsk) is the largest Russian manufacturer of quadrics, a classic

14 legendary soviet strollers

Everyone remembers Operation Y, where the hero of Morgunov drove a C-3A motorbike. The younger generation found the S-3D model, creepy chopped forms and usually popping all over the street. Such cars were issued free of charge to people with disabilities for a period of 5 years. After 2.5 years, it was possible to carry out a free repair, and after another 2

Types of Hybrids: What are Hybrid Cars

BMW 7 ActiveHybrid mild hybrid: electric motor helps internal combustion engine work Complete hybrid concept: BMW X6 ActiveHybrid fully relies on its electric motor The word "hybrid" comes from the Latin language and means something that has a mixed origin or combines heterogeneous elements

10 legendary racing cars that make history

Audi 200 Quattro opposed cars with a large engine capacity, more cylinders and more power. At first glance, she had no chance, but there was four-wheel drive. In 1988, Audi completely crushed Trans-Am races, and in 1989 they even had to change the rules to protect it from participation. Audi Sport Quattro performed wonderfully in the rally due to the same all-wheel drive even before the dominance of the Trans-Am

High Speed ​​Gearbox: Cam Gearbox

If an ordinary car and a race car with engines of the same power come out to accelerate against each other in a pair race, the winner will undoubtedly be the last. The key to victory is the cam gearbox. The main advantage of the cam box is the gear shift speed. If you accelerate in an ordinary car, shifting gears up as quickly as possible, almost a blow, then changing each gear will take about 0

BelAZ-75710: carrying capacity 450 tons

The car was presented to the general public at the very end of September, and in November we arrived at the factory to personally make sure that the giant is not a show car or a car specifically for the Guinness Book of Records (although, of course, it will be listed there soon). No, BelAZ-75710 is a workhorse, a serious mining truck, already heading for Kuzbass quarries

60 special purpose vehicles

Some of them come to the rescue only when a person is in trouble. Some sleep during the day and work at night. And some years do not shut off the engine so that it does not lose the remnants of heat in permafrost. These machines can be produced in series or in one or two copies, despite the fact that years of life of the best specialists in the world have been spent on their development

The very first cars of famous companies

The first cars are steam tricycles, like Peugeot's, delivery trucks, like Toyota's, or just assembled under license assemblies of cars, like BMW's. In general, see for yourself! Honda T360 (1963) - the first production car Honda. The company was founded immediately after the war, but initially produced engines, components, motorcycles, bicycles, and in the early 60s decided to enter the automotive market

5 tractors from Porsche and Lamborghini

Lamborghini . Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the company for the production of tractors and other agricultural equipment in 1948. Lamborghini Trattori exists to this day and is one of the leading European tractor builders. And in 1963, it occurred to Lamborghini that his technical base would allow him to create a sports car that could compete with Ferrari - and he was not mistaken

10 Polish cars: what do you know about this?

No, of course, we will plunge a little into the past - and try to tell not only about brands that are well known to us, but first of all about brands that are quite rare and rarely pop up in network discussions and kitchen conversations. So, cars from Poland! FSM is the same factory that spun off from FSO and made Polski Fiat cars

Powerful and graceful: 10 legendary American muscle cars

1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Mustang cars, modified by American racer and designer Carroll Shelby, were the cherished dream of every true Mustang fan. Released in 1965 and 1966, the Shelby GT350 models were not only powerful, but elegant and light, perfect for travel. After a couple of years, this Shelby philosophy has changed: now his cars actively participated and won in sprint races of racing competitions

10 unique ZIL prototypes

ZIL-111 "Moscow" (1956) . The first project after the renaming of the plant from ZIS to ZIL is the project of a "member truck", a government limousine, due to replace the already obsolete ZIS-110. The design of Moscow was developed by Valentin Rostkov, the ZIS-110 served as a chassis, the car was made in a single copy and did not go into a series

Ford T: a Bronze Age masterpiece

A lot has been written about Tin Lizzy. It is impossible to imagine any gangster film about Prohibition times without participating in the extras Model T. But we are not more interested in the "conveyor" era when Ford stamped Model T like black buttons, but in the authentic, good old Tin Lizzy of 1908, assembled by hard workers- Pickett factory immigrants - a masterpiece of the Bronze Age automotive industry, the period from the invention of the car to the First World War

Crazy acceleration of Bugatti Chiron to 400 km / h

Think about what you can do in 30 seconds. Get in the car, start the engine and fasten your seat belt? To park by the road? Not bad. But the Bugatti Chiron can do much more: accelerate from zero to 400 kilometers per hour in just 32.6 seconds. Yes, in the standard mode, the speed of the French hypercar is electronically limited at 381 km / h, but with the help of the second ignition key, an extreme mode is activated in which the car can reach 420 km / h

10 Indian cars: no worse than Chinese!

There are more than 40 automobile manufacturing or assembly plants in India, so this review will probably not be the only one. One way or another, you have a serious “dozen”: the largest and most famous car factories, plus a bonus to several little-known companies as a seasoning. Mahindra Group is a giant conglomerate with more than 200, 000 employees and producing absolutely everything - automobiles, motorcycles, spaceships, ships, and agricultural equipment. Fo

7 cars with a design VAZ-2101

Fiat 124 began to be produced in 1966, had a number of different modifications, became the "Car of the Year" in 1967, and in 1974 it was removed from the assembly line. During this time, the license and documentation for the production of the model were sold to a dozen different countries and factories - not only the USSR, but also India, Turkey, Spain and so on

MAZ: unusual cars of the Minsk Automobile Plant

1958, MAZ-532. Experienced terrain vehicle. The main "trick" of the design was that in a couple of hours the machine was completely converted, if necessary, into an artillery tractor. 1954, MAZ-525 HTTU. The first and only career trolley carriage! The car is converted from a serial dump truck MAZ-525