Cargo tricycle "Bumblebee": a ton of cargo on a motor scooter

Assembled from what was a “Bumblebee” formally - a motor vehicle, you can ride it with category B permissions, but de facto - a small truck that can take up to 700 kg (according to other sources - up to a ton).

The rear axle from the VAZ-2105 and the same VAZ spring suspension, driveshaft, radiator, stove, brakes and headlights), a motor from the Chinese Lifan (17 hp), a pedal assembly, a front suspension and wheel forks are also Chinese. A warm (this manufacturer is especially proud of) double cabin, an awning can be placed above the body, everything is aesthetically pleasing in the cabin - there is not even a seat height and steering wheel adjuster. Of course, a manual gearbox.

The model is ready for launch in a series. The manufacturer expects that Bumblebee will be popular with road services and other public utilities, as well as with everyone who needs to carry small loads on the cheapest of freight vehicles: the price will be about 250 thousand rubles.


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