Captain America or Iron Man: Who Will You Choose?

On May 5, Marvel’s new movie, Captain America: Civil War, is released. This is the third part of the popular franchise about Captain America and the first picture of the third phase of the cinematic Universe MARVEL.

At the beginning of Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers (Captain America) is the leader of the reunited Avengers team, which protects humanity from any threats. The next mission leads to casualties among civilians, which attracts unhealthy interest from the government to the team. Politicians propose to establish strict monitoring of the Avengers and monitor their activities. An unusual decision causes a split in the team, dividing the Avengers into two warring camps. One group is led by Steve Rogers, who is convinced that the Avengers must remain free and protect humanity without any government control. Some superheroes fell under the banner of Tony Stark (Iron Man), who, oddly enough, agrees to report to the state.

We invite you to get acquainted with the heroes of the film.

Captain America Team

Steve Rogers / Captain America leads the Avengers operations to save humanity. Collateral damage during the next mission draws the unhealthy interest of the government to the Avengers. Rogers understands that war does not go without victims and refuses to bear responsibility for them. This goes against the point of view of Tony Stark. The team is split. Steve is ready to do anything in order to protect a group of his followers, especially the best friend of Bucky Barnes - the legendary Winter Soldier.

Sam Wilson / Falcon becomes a full Avenger loyal to Captain America and his team. Confronting the government and Tony Stark does not seem to be a big problem for the Falcon. Moreover, he recruits a new member to the Captain's team - Ant-Man.

Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier was able to regain some of his lost memory and hopes to somehow make amends for his nightmarish deeds. He completely trusts Steve and, having no personal interest in the Avengers war against the Avengers, takes the side of Captain America.

Scott Lang / Ant-Man meets the Falcon and he makes it a byword in the company of the Avengers. Ultimately, it is Sam Wilson who recruits Ant-Man into the group of Captain America. The new hero is able to arbitrarily change in size and neutralize any opponent, despite attacks of fan delight in the presence of Captain America.

Clint Barton / Hawkeye decided to postpone his resignation, once again taking its rightful place next to Captain America. He found a new use for his exceptional sniper skills, gaining new weapons. Hawkeye is far from politics, he is a man of battle. He is ready for anything in the name of the Captain, even to go against his closest friends.

Wanda Maksimoff / Scarlet Witch has the unique abilities of telekinesis and telepathy, expanding the already seemingly limitless possibilities of the Avengers team. In the battle with Ultron, Wanda first ceased to feel like an outcast, so she, of course, dislikes the government's initiative to control the activities of superheroes. Following Hawkeye, who is always ready to cover her rear, Wanda joins Captain America's group.

Iron Man Team

Tony Stark / Iron Man has become a completely different person. The confrontation with Ultron forced him to reconsider his life, priorities and values. He agrees with the government’s decision that the activities of the Avengers should be controlled by the authorities. Stark and Captain America find themselves on opposite sides of the barricades, and their interpersonal conflict goes to a new level. Heroes embark on a dangerous path of self-destruction that they could not even imagine.

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow has always been a true friend and colleague of Steve Rogers ever since when she worked in the service of Sh.I.T. Despite this, she refuses to accept his point of view on what is happening and enters the Iron Man detachment, supporting the government’s policy. The Black Widow has always been distinguished by the ability to think strategically and act heroically. It becomes an invaluable acquisition for the Tony team - an acquisition that he, however, is completely unable to control.

Colonel James “Rowdy” Rhodes / Iron Patriot has been friends with Tony Stark for a long time and participated with him in many battles in the form of the Iron Patriot. His combat suit was at one time designed by Stark specifically for the defender of democracy. Demonstrating his army dressing and tempering, Rowdy agrees with Stark that the Avengers should be controlled by the powers that be, and again tries on the Iron Patriot costume, entering into battle side by side with Iron Man.

Th? Challa / Black Panther is the new face on the Avengers team. His father is T? Chaka, the king of the African state of Wakanda, supported the government’s decision to regulate the activities of the Avengers after the civilians of his country were affected by the heroes. When the situation is heating up, T? Challa is forced to open his Black Panther alter ego and follow a pre-selected path. The hero joins the Iron Man group, pursuing personal goals.

Vision willingly took his place in the Avengers team from the very day when Iron Man breathed life into him and enlisted his help in the fight against Ultron. The hero is still trying to find his place in the world of people, to understand and, if possible, to curb the incredible power that his creator endowed. Vision takes the side of Tony Stark, because he believes that this is the most logical and safest way to protect the world.

Which team will you choose?


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