Broadcast: total solar eclipse

According to the Moscow Planetarium on its website, the maximum phase of the eclipse can be observed in a narrow strip that stretches across the territory of Chile and Argentina. Private phases will be visible over most of South America. The full eclipse phase will occur at 22:23 Moscow time and will last 4 minutes 33 seconds; it will be visible at an altitude of 50 ° above the horizon in the southeastern tropical zone of the Pacific Ocean. Well, and we will observe this event without rising from a chair.

This unique astronomical phenomenon can be observed on July 2, 2019 from 20:00 Moscow time to 00:50 Moscow time.

If you didn’t like this broadcast for some reason, or something suddenly doesn’t work there (it happens even with astronomers), then you can watch the same on the following sites:

La Silla Observatory


Cerro Tololo Observatory


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