BMD-2 increased combat effectiveness five times

According to TASS, citing its own source in the Russian military-industrial complex, the Tula Instrument Design Bureau began to modernize the BMD-2 combat vehicles. During the overhaul, they are equipped with the “Coast” combat module, which received the unofficial name of “mini Berezhok”. Currently, the new combat compartment as part of the BMD-2M is undergoing state tests.

Installing a new combat module increases the combat effectiveness of the BMD-2 five-fold, the source says. The new module has a single turret, and compared to the Berezhok module, which is similar in composition of weapons, the commander’s place and sight are excluded from it. The “Coast” includes a combined gunner’s sight with a stabilized field of view, an automatic target tracking and two stabilizer computers.

The fire control system is unified with similar systems of combat units "Bahcha" and "Berezhok". A deep modernization within the framework of the state armament program for 2018-2025 will affect almost 600 second-generation airborne combat vehicles (BMD-2): they will all receive new weapons, digital reconnaissance and control equipment, but will remain airborne. The contract between Rostec and the RF Ministry of Defense was concluded for 10 years.


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