Bionic lenses: superhuman possibilities in two years

Ocumetics Technology Corporation, a Canadian company, is conducting clinical trials of Bionic Lens, a medical device that can permanently replace both glasses and conventional lenses. If everything goes smoothly, a new lens will appear in the arsenal of eye surgeons and, accordingly, in the eyes of patients in two years. And the abilities that she will give to a person, judging by the press releases, are simply unbelievable.

Bionic Lens is a dynamic lens that replaces the natural in the eye using the most common operation, cataract surgery. After installation, the lens restores clear vision at all distances without any quality problems. It is able to self-regulate, connecting with the muscles of the eye, and thus focuses on different distances - and its range is potentially much wider than anything that ordinary eyesight allows. In addition, only 1/100 of the energy that is needed for the ordinary eye is spent on it, which means you can focus on something all day without any strain on the eyes.

Imagine that you are looking at a watch that is three meters away from you, and it’s clear that you can see it in detail. With the Bionic Lens, this distance, as the manufacturers promise, will increase to 30 meters, and at very close distances it is said to give superpowers. If you look closely at a finger brought to your eyes, you can even see skin cells.

It is also interesting that future lenses are designed with components that allow you to modify and improve the device in the future, for example, project a phone screen onto the retina, increase resolution even further, or build in a system for delivering medicine to the eye, if necessary.

Dr. Garth Webb, the main inventor and creator of Bionic Lens, said that her only drawback would be her absence, as it would give a huge advantage to its owner.

The device already has a price: $ 3, 200 per lens, not including the cost of the operation. The lens will not solve all problems with vision: it cannot cure color blindness, muscle failure, genetic diseases of the retina or damage to the optic nerve, but it can definitely save a person from age-related visual impairment, as well as hyperopia and nearsightedness.

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